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Music Classes In Dumbo

January 26, 2017

Interested in classes for kids in Dumbo? Dumbo is definitely one the most unique neighborhoods that we hold children’s music classes in! It is NYC’s little secret hideaway nestled beneath two bridges.  We love doing kids classes in Dumbo. There is the amazing Brooklyn Bridge Park, cool playgrounds and Jane’s Carousel. There are so many […]

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Music Classes In Jersey City

January 19, 2017

Jersey City is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in New Jersey. It has some of the most breathtaking views of Manhattan from the gorgeous waterfront. It has also become such a family friendly town. We have been holding our children’s music classes and baby classes in Jersey City here for nearly a decade! […]

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Music Classes in Hoboken

January 11, 2017

We love doing children’s music classes in Hoboken! It’s such an awesome city with a great vibe and wonderful young families!  There are lots of activities for kids in Hoboken and residents feel a real sense of community there. Families that were once moving out when they had kids are now staying and just moving […]

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Music Classes for Babies

January 6, 2017

Are you thinking that it’s time for your baby’s first class and considering children’s music? Is he or she becoming more interested in the outside world and you’re seeking activities for babies?  Our music classes for babies are specially geared for our youngest rockstars. Rockness Music parent and me classes are the perfect introduction to […]

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First Birthday Party Ideas

December 14, 2016

Just as every child is unique, every family decides to celebrate their baby’s first birthday differently.  When thinking of ideas for a birthday party, some parents definitely want to have a theme and order elaborate edible favors.  Some parents blow up photos from the baby’s first 12 months of life.  Other parents like to keep […]

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Why Use A Birthday Entertainer?

December 8, 2016

Of course you want to find that perfect thing when you’re searching for activities for birthday parties.  How does a parent know what to choose for baby birthday entertainment or toddler birthday party entertainment? We’ve been there! Music entertainment for birthday parties is such a fantastic choice for children of all ages!  Kids love music. […]

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Making Music to MADE Music

October 13, 2015

  The Napolitano family is a drumming family. I know I have mentioned this before. My father played late nights and weekends as well as having a full time job in a factory when I was in my early childhood. I barely saw the man, so when I had the chance I attended the rehearsals […]

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Be a Butterfly

September 30, 2015

Why be a butterfly? I remember the days when my mother or grandmother made my Halloween costume.  Do you have the same memories? I remember dressing as a dog, a pilgrim, a clown, a custodian, a postal worker, and a monster. Each of these costumes were hand-made by my family. Theses costumes were passed down […]

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Applause! Applause! Your Baby’s First Music Class!

August 11, 2015

Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! Welcome to your child’s first toddler music class!   WooHoo!  What a glorious day to be a parent.  We here at Rockness Music love when new babies and toddlers first enter the classroom. We know that shaking, dancing and some rocking songs bring much joy to our little rockers […]

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Calling All Bells

May 13, 2015

Here in the Rockness Music family we use bells to sing and dance with in our music classes  for toddlers.  Bells have such defined sound and are great for the children to easily produce vibrations and music. Bells have been a huge part of music for thousands of years. They were used for communication between […]

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