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The Festival of Lights

December 5, 2012

Finally a contemporary Jewish music video. Although not 100% a rocker, still this is a very positive message and some great talent from these young men.  You will dig it. The big plus is – its not a comedy – I love Adam Sandler’s funny parody, but this song is for real, these guys are for real and […]

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Polyphonic Spree: Silver Bells

December 5, 2012

This is a breath of fresh air. This is done in a record factory that this gentleman and his wife took over in Dallas, Texas. Do you have a record player yet? Vinyl is definitely making a huge comeback.

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Halloween Costume Ideas for your Little Rock Star!

October 22, 2012

Need some costume ideas? Have your little rock star dress up as one of these music icons!   It’s never too young to be the KING! Elvis costumes are available for babies, toddlers and adults! You can have a whole Viva Las Vegas family!  Elvis’ concert jumpsuits were given names. They included: Peacock, White Prehistoric Bird, […]

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All children are born to ROCK!!! Check out Rockness Music’s take on children’s music.

September 26, 2012

Children love quality music, that’s why they love Bruce, the Beatles and Rockness Music. They want to hear great music just like you do! Real Rock and Roll musicians fill these classes with unforgettable, undeniable, musical awesomeness for your little one. With hip, adult-friendly music, Rockness Music offers engaging musical education classes and performances for […]

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Mr. Michael’s Perfect Day of Music… Featuring Pandora on your phone or computer

July 2, 2012

Not only will this musical itinerary guide your day with wonderful listening. You will also learn about new styles of music, new musicians, new instruments and new sounds. Click on the image to open the Pandora station! FYI when listening to Pandora on your phone you can double tap on the album art for the […]

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Mr. Michael’s Favorite Books

December 14, 2011

Here are a selection of books from my bookshelf to yours. My kids love it when I read to them before bedtime. Night time books are usually a home run. I’ve listed my favorites here (mind you, I have many more) and I’ve tried to eliminate the ‘standard’ children’s books, unless I just could not […]

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Mr. Michael’s 2011 Rockin’ Gift Selections

December 7, 2011

Tis’ the season to be giving Rockin’ gifts! How about a few ideas of musical gifts for the tots this holiday season? I picked some favorite instruments of mine. I’ve used many of these with my own kids and they are amazing instruments that keep the family rockin’ all year long! Any musical instrument you […]

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