My favorite new Holiday Record.

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She and Him, featuring Zooey Deschanel (piano and ukulele) and M. Ward (guitars and organs). This record features the old style look (circa Frank Sinatra holiday records) and an old style sound. Great harmonies and wonderful song selection. They’ve discovered some fresh arrangements (which can be hard with these songs that have been recorded thousands of times), yet the songs keep their original form and overall wintery vibe. This is great music for your children and the entire family.


You know Zooey from the Fox comedy, New Girl.

M. Ward has become a household name among indie music fans. Hipster moms and dads, sink your teeth in. I’ve seen M. Ward live at Webster Hall in 2009, very pleasing indeed.

Check this record out, it’s worth the listen. You can check out clips on Merge Records Website. 

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"I have done a ton of other mommy and me music classes here and in the city and this by far blows them all away."

"Since coming to class he loves guitars, he walks around playing and singing. Thank you for the wonderful musical influence!"

"My nanny said the class was AWESOME! She keeps saying its so much more “fun” than all the other toddler music classes we’ve taken."

"Thank you so much! Finally a baby music class that rocks!"