Music Classes For Kids

Music Classes For Kids

A modern approach to Parent & Me music classes.

Our Music Classes for kids teach preschoolers, toddlers and babies the basics of rhythm, singing, drumming and musical appreciation.  Rockness Music’s music classes for kids are pumped with energy and great live music performed by real rock and roll musicians.

Studies show that exposure to music during early childhood sharpens math and literacy skills but it doesn’t have to be boring!  That’s where our kids’ music classes come in. Our methods combine fun and education to bring you the very best preschool rock music class experience on the planet. Check out our kid and baby music classes to see for yourself!

Music Class Seasonal Offerings

FALL FIESTA CLASSES – Uno, Dos, Tres Fiesta!


Fiesta means party in Spanish, and Rockness Music is JAM-packed with activity in this upbeat music class featuring drumming, dancing, and simplified Spanish immersion.Get ready to move and groove to the beat. (Sept-Dec)

Pricing Info: 
10-Week Session of Music Classes – $250

WINTER WONDER – Exploring our Creativity!


Let’s explore our imagination and dance the winter away – pretend to be a robot, a seedling, a cowboy!  Time to shake, drum, and explore with your child’s unlimited imagination! Puppet play, music and movement, and drumming make this an unforgettable Mommy and Me Class you’re sure to enjoy. (Jan-March)

Pricing Info: 
10-Week Session of Music Classes – $250

SPRING SINGS – Rockin’ Out with our Voices!


Let’s usher in warm breezes, flowers, and birds as we explore the noises we can make with our bodies. In class we imitate the voices of animals and instruments as the teacher guides the class with various wind instruments and other exercises. Create a world of sound with your own body, drum, dance and rock out! Children receive a free harmonica to rock out at home. (April-June)

Pricing Info: 
10-Week Session of Music Classes – $250

SUMMER DRUMMER – It’s Not Rock without Drums!


Our Drumming class! Children receive a pair of free bongos and return with them each week. This gives them a sense of ownership over their first instrument. Even our babies and toddlers learn to rock out in class and drum along with the instructor! (July-August)

Pricing Info: 
10-Week Session of Music Classes – $250

What to Expect

Every class is a show, and everyone is in the band.

Our research-based curriculum, activities, and song selection vary weekly.

Each week we use a variety of materials: shakers, dancing ribbons, drums, puppets, and a selection of mystery discovery instruments which we explore during our instrument show-n-tell.

Our imaginations and creativity are stimulated every class with various songs that target dramatic play and dance. Each week we embark on a different adventure during our Adventure Song – a true highlight for the children.


Beat and rhythm are the essential building blocks of musical performance and an integral part of the Rockness Music experience.  Each child is given individual drums and sticks and instructed to follow along as they sing songs, count, and drum.

Instrument Show & Tell

Every week the children discover a new, intriguing instrument – part of our mystery discovery instrument series.  Everyone has an opportunity to play the instrument and share it during our show-n-tell circle time. We add a touch of preschool science (STEM) as we learn about the shapes and color of the instruments.

Pricing, FAQ and Services


Virtual Music Classes
Music Classes – $20 per class

Fall • Winter • Spring
10-Week Session of Music Classes – $250

6-week session of Music Classes – $200

Drop-In Class

Purchase 1 single music class –  Inquire!

Pop-Up Family Jam

Join us for a family sing-along $10 at select locations and times – ask about hosting your own pop up preschool rock music class with Rockness Music.



  • How do I know if this is the correct class for my family?  Try it out with a free demonstration class. If you are looking for a safe and nurturing mommy & me music class with a more modern style then you are in the right place! We allow exploration, dancing and freedom for the children to learn while still remaining in a circle time setting in a safe controlled musical environment.
  • Class Duration – Interactive 30 minute musical experience performed live on guitar and drums by caring and talented instructors.
  • Class Length – 10 week sessions (fall, winter, spring) or 6 week session (summer).
  • Demo Classes – Discover the magic of Rockness Music for yourself. Our Preschool Music Experience is like no other – try a class for free anytime, anywhere – register today!
  • Drop In Classes –  Can’t commit? Join us for single classes (based on  availability)
  • Mixed Aged Classes – Our classes are mixed ages. We accept children up to four years old. The median age of the classes are babies through three year olds.
  • Babies – Is this your first music class? Concerned that it is the right choice? Well we assure you – you’ve come to the right place! Our music classes babies are fully engaged and gravitate towards the instructors guitar and drums sooner than other children.
  • Siblings – This is the perfect environment for siblings to bond and make friends. We offer a discount for each sibling.
  • Guests – Be sure to purchase a drop-in class for your guest students.
  • Make-Up Classes – Families are permitted two make-up classes per semester. Make-ups must be scheduled through our make-up scheduler and must occur within the current session in which the student is enrolled. Make-ups may not roll over to other sessions.
  • Refunds – Tuition fee is refundable (minus 10% processing fee) before the first day of the semester.  50% of tuition fees will be refunded up until two weeks after semester has begun for the remaining classes. No refunds after two weeks. No refunds for 6 week sessions.

Other Services

Kids Birthday Party Entertainment

Create an unforgettable, playful and imaginative musical adventure for your family and guests.

One captivating and energetic rock-n-roll performer rocks out for 45 minutes.

Hands on musical experience for your child.

Enrichment Classes in Schools

Rockness Music offers our partner schools the support and curricula needed to supply high-quality music education for their students. We align our curriculum to directly support requirements for accreditation and core standards.

Music Shows for Kids

Rockness Music and our house band Michael & the Rockness Monsters both offer exciting, entertaining, and educational music shows for kids. An ideal activity for preschools,  grammar school assemblies, libraries, and community events! A variety of show themes and age ranges available.

Music Lessons

Yep, we rock with the big kids too (even you!) – Instrument lessons for guitar, piano, bass, drums and more! Register & More Details

Pop Up Family Jam

Pop Up Family Jams

Catch them while you can! This is a single preschool music class purchase and meets once in select locations ($10).

Our highly discounted Family Pop Up Jams are the same Preschool Rock Music Experience for a fraction of the cost.  These classes are run with partner organizations.

Interested in hosting a Family Jam with your private group? Please inquire today by filling out the form below and join us for our award winning music classes for babies and toddlers!

Contact Form

Drop In Classes

Drop In Classes

Can’t commit, but still want to join in on the fun.  Join us for a single preschool music class at any of our Parent & Me Music class locations.

Drop-in Music Classes are based on availability.

If your first class location in unavailable please inquire about another location nearby!