Music Classes For Toddlers

Our Music Classes are the Original Rock-n-Roll Music Classes for Toddlers in New Jersey and New York !

Our music classes for Toddlers were developed with your child in mind.  We know toddlers love to move. They love to dance, sing, and explore. Whether learning to walk or learning to get into every crevice of your house, we have the ability to gauge your child’s needs and keep them engaged and active for 45 minutes of music, learning, and movement.

Music classes for toddlers are a productive way for the children to express themselves and experience the world around them. The socialization and lessons experienced in our toddler music classes serve as a precursor to preschool for these young learners. Aside from the educational and physical benefits of our rock music classes for toddlers they are learning important social lessons like sharing, cleaning up, and communicating with other children and parents.  Our toddler music classes create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. The dramatic play in our classes is a perfect venue for non-verbal communication. Conversely, the songs we sing inspire group singing, which in turn aids their verbal exploration.

Parents and kids alike love our entertaining and educational music classes:

“I have done a ton of other mommy and me music classes here and in the city and this by far blows them all away.” (Krystin, Madison, NJ)

“My nanny says this class is AWESOME! She keeps saying it’s so much more fun than all the other toddler music classes we’ve taken.”(Jade, Tribeca, NYC)

What are Rockness Music’s Toddler Music Classes like?

Our high-energy music classes for kids are filled with drumming, shaking, dancing, laughter, and instrument discovery.  Each week, children and parents learn about new instruments and celebrate music together.

Our interactive and hip 45-minute sessions run for 6 to 10 weeks. These Mommy and Me Music Classes are all performed live on guitar and drums.

How Can I Register For A Music Class?

Registering for a class on our website is easy! You can do that here.

All class submissions are answered promptly. Credit card payments are accepted online, and your registration is processed immediately.

What To Expect The Day Of My Toddler Music Class

A musical adventure exploring imagination, creativity and a sense of wonder. As children create and respond to music, they discover ways to represent their feelings, ideas and experiences.

  • Our high energy kids music classes are filled with drumming, shaking, dancing, laughter, and instrument discovery.
  • Interactive 45-minute Mommy and Me music classes performed live on guitar and drums.
  • Drum circles, beat making, dramatic play and group singing.
  • Hip music for children that parents love too!
  • Weekly mystery discovery instruments (a musical show and tell)

What if I Miss a Class?

While we believe in the positive influence of every class and hope you don’t miss one, we understand that “life happens.”  Two make-up classes are allowed at any of our locations, and you can schedule a make-up easily using our makeup scheduler on our registration page.

Where Does Rockness Music Hold  Music Classes For Kids?

We hold class in different locations around the area and we’re always looking to add new locations. Be sure to check class times as they are different for each location.

Hoboken, NJ (Midtown)

Hoboken, NJ (Uptown)

Jersey City, NJ

Madison, NJ

Maplewood, NJ

Metuchen, NJ

Montclair, NJ

Scotch Plains, NJ

Secaucus, NJ

West New York, NJ

Westfield, NJ

"As a mother to a VERY active 2 year old, I confess we have struck out at many music classes. It takes a lot to get her into a group activity like this. She enjoyed Rockness Music at her daycare and would sing the songs at home so when I saw they had classes in Montclair, I decided to see what it was that got her so into it. I know. These classes are so incredibly enjoyable and Mr. Michael is the perfect person for my 2 year old to rock out with. She gets SO excited and is on her feet the entire time, engaging with the class. I'm so glad we signed up!"

"I absolutely love this class! This is the only music class that my 18 month old son enjoys because he can run and dance in the center of the room. Most classes require children to sit in a circle and sing baby songs. This class has instructors with real instruments, singing well written music. I love how we are not singing along to a cd during class... Who wants to pay for that? "

"Best music class!!!! It is so entertaining, interactive and also educational. I love that the teacher introduces different musical instruments in each class and lets the kids play with them. My daughter loves the class and I am very happy with the quality of the class. The teachers do a fantastic job! I totally recommend Rockness Music classes."

"My daughter and I absolutely love this class! My husband and mother think it’s great too! All of the songs are original and fun. The instructors are talented and professional. My daughter loves dancing with her shakers along to the songs as well as participating in the dance party with streamers. She also loves exploring different musical instruments now and playing them at home. She has already learned so much in the class, and I look forward to continuing to see her progress. I highly recommend Rockness Music."

"We love Rockness Music!! My son will use anything he can to sit on and drum like the teacher. He's learned new instruments as well as how to count and say colors in Spanish. The class is also fun for the adults, which is important too! Our biggest takeaway is that my shy little toddler has really come out of his shell. The teacher has never pushed him and he SLOWLY got comfortable. Now he's dancing and singing in class and, at home when you're not looking, he does a great Rockness Music teacher impression!!"

"This is not your typical music class-- it's so much better! Live (catchy!) music, mystery discovery instruments, shakers, ribbon dancing, drumming, and so much more. The teacher brings an infectious energy to every class and he understands that every child will engage with the music in his/her own way. It's one of the only classes I've made sure to do with all three of my children. Highly recommend! Come prepared to rock!"

"We’ve been going to Rockness Music for a couple of years now! We love it so much and look forward to our Friday classes in Maplewood every week. Sometimes she’s not in a great mood but the class always transforms her into a happy dancing kid. We also enjoy the cds they give out so we can rock out whenever we want! "