Music Classes for Babies

Music is an essential building block for the mind of a baby.  Exposure to music at a young age has proven an enormous benefit to the development for early literacy and mathematic skills.  

Have you noticed your babies wonder and amazement when you sing to them  or they discover that hitting something makes a sound?  Their reaction to music and their discovery of the human relationship with music is an amazing event to witness. In our music classes parents play the role of music teacher with the instructor.  Through the power and beauty of music a natural bonding occurs between the parent and child. This is the Preschool of Rock experience.

Physical Benefits

The benefits also extend into their physical well being.  Gross and fine motor skills are targeted with our musical activities in our classes. The individual instruments the children receive inspire the children to move with the music or independently as they strike the drums, or shake a tambourine.  



Babies are drawn to the music. They follow our instructors around the room. Glance at their parent, and glance back at the instructor. Perhaps they might look at the percussion instrument in their hand, shake it and look back at their parent for approval. These are the steady cues and acute learning we see happening in our classes. Our music classes for babies hold their attention with hands on activities whether it be our pancake song, or our drum circles. The babies are learning to hold drum sticks, shake a shaker, and rock back and forth to the beat. When our instructors hop on the Djembe drum and begin our adventure song the babies immediately begin to shake their bodies back and forth.  



We do have parents who choose to bring their infants to our baby music classes. This is up to the parent as to whether the class is appropriate for their child.  An infant in our music classes will participate minimally. It is up to the parent to introduce the concept of participation to the child. That goes for our babies and infants. Although we are well versed in rocking out everything is new for our babies – even rocking out!

We suggest participating as much as possible.

Have fun and your child will learn how to have fun!

Babies in Mixed Age Classes

Our classes are mixed ages and we find this integration of toddlers and babies aids in the baby’s understanding of how to acclimate in this new world of enrichment classes. Chances are Preschool of Rock is not the only baby class you will take your child to. It’s all new to them, and who better show them the ropes than a child who has just gone through that transition.

We highly recommend our classes for babies and infants. Throughout our history parents tote their infants in a carseat to our classes while their toddler siblings rock out.

The infant throughout the ten week session will eventually start darting their eyes and following the music around the room. Most times that child will be the next family member to join our class. These children, who were infants in our classes, are the most engaged and tuned in members of our little community. The research exists to prove the benefits of musical activity for the young child. It is in moments like the one discussed above where we see first hand the accelerated development of babies in our classes. Give your child the academic advantage they deserve with the most engaging and genuine music class on planet earth.