All children are born to ROCK!!! Check out Rockness Music’s take on children’s music.

September 26, 2012

Children love quality music, that’s why they love Bruce, the Beatles and Rockness Music. They want to hear great music just like you do!

Real Rock and Roll musicians fill these classes with unforgettable, undeniable, musical awesomeness for your little one. With hip, adult-friendly music, Rockness Music offers engaging musical education classes and performances for babies through K’s. Classes educate and entertain by using original tunes, hip-shakin’ dance moves, and exciting instruments and props. We turn up the music without turning up the volume and every class and show is an educational, roof-raising celebration.

A child as young as 6 months can rock their body to rhythms and keep time. Soft lullabies are wonderful for children, but it’s hard to latch on to the beat. Rockness Music’s music drives a heavy unmistakable downbeat with which a child of any age can react. The rhythm they gain aids the building blocks of other skills like logic, reasoning and math.  With our high energy rockin’ tunes and boogie down dance grooves even the shyest of children break out of their shell and rock OUT!

The founder’s experiences with Blue Man Group and as a music specialist at The Blue School in New York City influences the curriculum and music in a progressive style. Within our community we build confidence and spirit, and encourage endless artistic expression.

Rockness Music classes are for children ages 6 months to 5 years. The social benefits of mixed age classes are IMMENSE. In this community the children learn to be respectful, caring and friendly. Add a full on rock attitude with tons of love and you have Rockness Music.