First Birthday Party Ideas

December 14, 2016

Just as every child is unique, every family decides to celebrate their baby’s first birthday differently.  When thinking of ideas for a birthday party, some parents definitely want to have a theme and order elaborate edible favors.  Some parents blow up photos from the baby’s first 12 months of life.  Other parents like to keep it simple, just inviting a few family members over for cake. When you’re planning parties for babies, there’s really no wrong way to do it, because it’s your party!

1 year old birthday parties are our most popular at Rockness Music. We create a true celebration atmosphere! We engage all ages of children, older cousins and adults. We bring age appropriate instruments for the children to play and drums for the older kids.  If you’re considering an entertainer for first birthdays, we’ve got the best around! When parents think of ideas for a first birthday party, we are honored to say, they often think of us and refer us to their friends.

A birthday for baby is truly a momentous occasion. It’s a time to reflect, rejoice and have a dance party!  We would love to chat with you about any birthday ideas for a baby that you have. We are flexible and can accommodate any special requests you might have. We love what we do and want to share it with you.