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The Lullaby of Broadway is Calling Your Baby

March 11, 2015

There are so many magical times in parenting.  You may not see it at first, but getting your child to sleep at night or hoping that the mid-day nap will keep them on schedule is all part of this glorious process. As you watch your child grow you begin to see a them become a […]

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Marching to your own Jazzy Beat

March 4, 2015

Developing your child’s musical sense of self and confidence right in front of your eyes! Hello Rockness Music Family!  While braving the cold and chasing our way to the spring sunshine we can’t help but think of you and your wonderful children. We love that each child brings their own special self to our toddler […]

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Uptown Funk, Babies and Beethoven, Now that’s a Party!

February 26, 2015

Developing your child’s musical sense of self and confidence right in front of your eyes… Hello Rockness Music family!  This week we are talking about classical music and its profound effects on young children.  In our classes, children and toddlers come alive while being exposed to many new types of music.  Whether we are banging […]

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Rockness Music’s Michael Napolitano Recommended Listening

February 12, 2015

“Music music music, music all day, music all night. Music makes me dance, sing and feel alright.” In my home music is playing all day long.  We wake with classical, we dine with Jazz, we dance to all of it.  Recently some tiny friends and their adult counterparts asked me about my taste in music. […]

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Summer Camp Offerings 2015

January 12, 2015

I remember the summer camps of my youth. I looked forward to seeing my camp friends every year. Rockness Music visits many schools and camps bringing our awesome preschool music classes and shows. This year we have expanded our offerings to include topical shows, enrichment classes, educational seminars and activities for campers ages 0-12. There […]

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A Simple Holiday

November 26, 2014

A Simple Holiday I do love Thanksgiving. There are no gifts, there are no blinking lights or lavish decorations. There are no fairytales, no gimmicks, no bells, buzzers and whistles.  Its a time to say –  THANK YOU! I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with children and families every day. I […]

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Musical Pumpkin Carving Ideas

October 29, 2014

We all love carving pumpkins and with Halloween right around the corner we wanted to share a few last minute musical carving ideas! What does your pumpkin look like this year? We want to know!

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DIY Instrument – Paper Tube Kazoo

October 22, 2014

Attention parents! This week during our DIY Instrument Series we are going to show you a super simple instrument that you can make at home with your children – the paper tube kazoo! I used to make these all the time when I was a kid and you’ll be surprised that they sound like a […]

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Rockness Music Shows are Raising the Roof This August!

August 1, 2014

Rockness Music’s Shows are Heating Up! As the summer months heat up, so does Rockness Music! Join us as we rock out with our acclaimed Rockness Music shows at schools, street fairs, festivals, and libraries across New Jersey and New York!  Our high-energy, entertaining and engaging shows are an ideal way for children and families […]

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Free Children’s Music Classes in New York and Brooklyn

July 16, 2014

Rockness Music is Coming to New York! Celebrate with Free Children’s Music Classes in New York and Brooklyn Rockness Music , New Jersey’s hippest children’s music education program, is coming to New York and Brooklyn this fall!  We’ll be singing, dancing, and drumming to our Parents’ Choice Award-winning music all over The Big Apple, and […]

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