Calling All Bells

May 13, 2015

Here in the Rockness Music family we use bells to sing and dance with in our music classes  for toddlers.  Bells have such defined sound and are great for the children to easily produce vibrations and music.

Bells have been a huge part of music for thousands of years.

They were used for communication between governments and their people.  They were first used in China and spread throughout Asia to India and Japan.  They were a form of broadcasting messages from long distances. Once the possession of only the most wealthy, bells became instrumental in the arsenal of many musicians and artists to express their deep devotion to god and their art.

Let’s take a look at some of the worlds most famous bells.

The Liberty Bell rang in our American Independence in July  of 1776. It’s located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Do you know it cracked before it was even finished and had to be recast twice?

Right here in the US we also have the World Peace bell in Newport, Kentucky. Up until 2006 it was the world’s largest functioning bell.  It weighed 30 tons!!! That’s more than 60 thousand pounds! Whoa! Well the bells we discover in our classes are not that heavy but they do pack a powerful punch.

Finally don’t forget the dinner bell so we can keep our energy up for singing and dancing in our baby music classes.

For a first hand example of bells check out the Pirate Song on Rockness Music’s upcoming CD Michael and the Rockness Monsters.  It features bells in the introduction. Collect your treasure everyone and get to ringing! You and your child will truly enjoy your class time together.