Music Classes in Hoboken

January 11, 2017

We love doing children’s music classes in Hoboken! It’s such an awesome city with a great vibe and wonderful young families!  There are lots of activities for kids in Hoboken and residents feel a real sense of community there. Families that were once moving out when they had kids are now staying and just moving into something bigger. Hoboken kids classes have really grown with the city. Families have often told us that we are one of the most unique children’s activities in Hoboken.

So, if you’re looking for Hoboken music classes or Hoboken baby music classes, we’ve got you covered! Sometimes you might want to walk to your children’s music classes. Whether you live uptown, midtown or downtown, Rockness Music has music classes all over Hoboken on most days of the week. Our baby music classes in Hoboken are some of our most popular. There are so many new moms in town that are ready for to take their babies to their first class and make some new friends for them both!  Our toddler music classes in Hoboken are also a smash hit! It is an active music class for your active toddler. We have original, rockin’ music, dancing and dramatic play.  Our kids classes in Hoboken have instrument discovery and drum circles too!

Whether you are new in town or a long time resident we want to meet you! Our Hoboken classes are filled with some of the coolest, friendliest families and have the most talented instructors. For baby classes in Hoboken or a kids class in Hoboken, you’ll be so glad you checked us out. Making music and kids smile is our passion!