Applause! Applause! Your Baby’s First Music Class!

August 11, 2015

Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! Welcome to your child’s first toddler music class!


WooHoo!  What a glorious day to be a parent.  We here at Rockness Music love when new babies and toddlers first enter the classroom. We know that shaking, dancing and some rocking songs bring much joy to our little rockers and all of us who surround them.  There is nothing like seeing a child groovin’ and rockin’ their head to uplifting sounds.

This is a perfect time to show your childish side. Make music, feel free, and make silly faces together in a safe and fun environment.  It is proven that early exposure to music leads to excelling in studies, boosting self confidence and developing aural and auditory skills.

Now when you’re not shaking it off to Maroon 5, we know you are breakin it down to Rockness Music’s Dance Party.  Not only will you be strengthening your child’s rockability but you will be strengthening their confidence.  Coupled with music and movement and hands on musical play to develop their fine motor skills.

We see it in the children ‘graduate’ from babies stretched out on their parents laps to three-year-olds rocking out, drumming, singing and stomping their feet.

So get ready!  Get excited! Music is fun.

At Rockness Music we’re all singing and dancing together.  We’re laughing and moving together.  This fun and enriching baby music class is an excellent way to get your child learning.

We want to hear from You: Outside of class, what ways do you incorporate music into your child’s development?