Music Classes for Babies

January 6, 2017

Are you thinking that it’s time for your baby’s first class and considering children’s music? Is he or she becoming more interested in the outside world and you’re seeking activities for babies?  Our music classes for babies are specially geared for our youngest rockstars. Rockness Music parent and me classes are the perfect introduction to music for your little one.

Music for babies? Yes! Babies naturally love music, so our mommy and me class allows you to enjoy it together. It’s such an awesome thing to experience with your child and strengthens the bond you have already started. Our baby music classes introduce new instruments , songs and sounds each week. The younger babies start, the more they gravitate to the instruments and become more engaged. We do so many fun activities in class that help develop fine motor skills.  This is the baby class everyone is talking about!

Searching for activities for a 1 year old or classes for a 1 year old? You’ve come to the right place too! Our music class offers original, rockin’ music that you won’t hear anywhere else.  For a preschool music class, that can be pretty hard to find these days. We always make sure every child has a great time and gets to dance their little hearts out!