Winter Wonder Mommy and Me Music Classes

January 15, 2014


Thanks for joining us for our ten-week Winter Wonder Mommy and Me Classes!

Rockness Music embraces the child in all of us, giving parents the advantage of aiding their child’s learning explorations.  Winter Wonder offers the freedom and knowledge to keep exploring, discovering, and learning a bit more every day as our children prepare to attend preschool and kindergarten.

Together with you, Rockness Music would like to bring awareness to the new experiences our world has in store for our children every day. Let’s take the time to listen and look at everything a little closer.

Reminisce your childhood!

Remember the wonder we felt as a child when we experienced new things?  The wonder when we heard a sound for the first time, stepped on crunchy ice, held a guitar, or had our first ice cream cone?

These new discoveries are an important learning experience and a beautiful time of life. Regardless of what we do, our children will discover new things every day. If we help apply ourselves as parents, our children’s discoveries will be embellished. We hope that the discovery, and wonder that is Rockness Music will find it’s way into your home.

Perhaps you will discover the music a dishwasher, a tea kettle, or even your hands and feet can make.  Check out Rockness Music’s Everything Makes a Sound video to get some ideas! There is no better time than winter to explore new things in your own home, and we are excited to help!

Use your imagination!

We are going to act like robots, grow like solid oak, cook pancakes and, with our sense of wonder, discover new sounds, songs, and make new friends. Lets all be inspired by our…..

Winter Wonder Mommy and Me Music Classes!