We Love Moms!

May 7, 2015

I consider myself quite lucky.

Since the inception of Rockness Music I’ve had the pleasure of being around the early development stages of young children. It’s such a pleasure to watch them grow. I love to watch the relationships between parent and child grow and change. I’ve had thousands of young mothers with infants come through our doors and entertained hundreds of one-year-old birthday parties. I have even had children born into class. Children’s music classes, or any class for that matter, is a moment for the child and parent to bond. This is a time when it is possible for them to explore, learn and participate in activities together.


In Rockness Music’s music classes we have developed a program that inspires participation within each song, with numerous types of instruments and props. The more our parents participate with their children, the more the children experience out of the class. When a mother tells me, “my child imitates you at home”, or, “we rock out to your music every night”, it fills me with great joy.

On this Mother’s Day I’d like to say thank you to all the mothers who have come come to Rockness Music to share the joy and love of music with their children. To all mother’s who realize the power of music, and of art I say, “Thank you!”.

A big hug to all of our rockin’ moms out there, most of all my wife and mom who both totally rock.

Happy Mother’s Day from Rockness Music!