Happy Mother’s Day

The days are getting longer.  The weather is getting warmer.  Birds are singing and flowers are blooming.  That can only mean one thing: Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

At Rockness Music, we believe that family is the most important thing in the world and should always be celebrated.  Whether it’s getting together for family dinners on Sunday, cuddling up to watch a great movie, or singing along to our favorite songs in the car, we hope everyone treasures the little moments with families as much as we do!

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day together!  Click here to listen to “The Family Song” while we share some great ideas that everyone can take part in this Sunday!



Once you’re done singing “The Family Song,” head on over to the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in Montclair for their “Music in the Garden” series.  Enjoy the beautiful music while taking in the gorgeous gardens from 12-2pm this Mother’s Day.


Your child could be a kid in King Arthur’s Court at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ this weekend!  Join in the fun and cheer on your favorite knight.  The best part?  Moms get in for free!


Burn off those Mother’s Day dessert calories for a good cause!

The Summit Area YMCA will hosting its 13th annual 5K race to benefit Livestrong at the YMCA, with proceeds going to help benefit their cancer and recovery program.

Looking for something a little more challenging?  Then the Prospect Park Mother’s Day Duathlon is for you!  Choose the activity that’s right for you, and run, sprint, and bike your way to a feeling of accomplishment!


Now that you’ve burned off an entire day’s worth of calories, it’s time to eat!

On Friday afternoon, Parti-Licious in Garwood, NJ will be celebrating Mother’s Day with “I Like Warm Hugs – A High Tea Mother’s Day Event.”  This fun and unique afternoon event with feature My Fairytale Party’s Ice Queen & Ice Sister Princess for a day both children and moms will enjoy!

How about some Mother’s Day Brunch?  Head over to The Dumbo Loft for their annual Mother’s Day Brunch, featuring a wide array of brunch favorites and specialty dishes!

Our friends at Novita in Metuchen, NJ are also preparing a special menu for the whole family.  Celebrate with a delicious meal from one of the area’s best restaurants!


You’ve heard the saying that the best things in life are free.  This Mother’s Day, spend some “mommy and me” time by taking part in some classic Mother’s Day crafts.  From paper flowers and cute matching aprons, to bouquet cards and hand prints, you can have hours of fun creating memorable crafts to treasure and enjoy!

Be sure to check out these craft ideas and many more over on our Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/preschoolofrock/mothers-day-crafts/.

Mommy and Me Classes

Don’t forget to register for our upcoming Summer Drummer classes!  What better way for mommies and their children to spend time together than rockin’ out with us throughout the summer?  Every child who joins our music classes this summer receives his/her very own free bongo!

Help us keep the beat, and register for your class today: http://register.rocknessmusic.com!

Happy Mother’s Day and Keep Rockin’!

– Rockness Music

Rockness Music classes are the original Rock-n-Roll music classes for toddlers in Montclair NJ!

Rockness Music offers music classes for toddlers and their parents in Montclair, NJ! Our high-energy, original songs keep families engaged for a full 45 minutes!

Parents and kids alike love our entertaining and educational music classes:

“I have done a ton of other mommy and me music classes here and in the city and this by far blows them all away.” (Krystin, Madison, NJ)

“My nanny says this class is AWESOME! She keeps saying it’s so much more fun than all the other toddler music classes we’ve taken.”(Jade, Tribeca, NYC)

What are Rockness Music’s Toddler Music Classes in Montclair like?

Our high-energy children’s music classes for toddlers in Montclair, NJ are filled with drumming, shaking, dancing, laughter, and instrument discovery.  Each week, children and parents learn about new instruments and celebrate music together.

Our interactive and hip 45-minute sessions run for 6 to 10 weeks. These Mommy and Me Music Classes are all performed live on guitar and drums.

How Can I Register For A Music Class in Montclair, NJ?

Registering for a class on our website is easy!  Simply head over to www.rocknessmusic.com

All class submissions are answered promptly. Credit card payments are accepted online, and your registration is processed immediately.

Can I try a class for Free?

Yes, we’d love to have you try out a free demo class! Scheduling Demo classes is easy using our online Demo Class Scheduler. We are certain you will love our classes and will want to join for the entire session!  We can’t wait to rock with you!

What To Expect The Day Of My Mommy And Me Music Class

A musical adventure exploring imagination, creativity and a sense of wonder. As children create and respond to music, they discover ways to represent their feelings, ideas and experiences.

  • Our high energy music classes for toddlers in Montclair, NJ are filled with drumming, shaking, dancing, laughter, and instrument discovery.
  • Interactive 45-minute Mommy and Me music classes performed live on guitar and drums.
  • Drum circles, beat making, dramatic play and group singing.
  • Hip music for children that parents love too!
  • Weekly mystery discovery instruments.

What if I miss a class?

Don’t worry, we believe in the positive influence of these music classes for toddlers and babies.  We hope you don’t miss one, but we understand that “life happens.”  Two make-up classes are allowed at any of our locations, and you can schedule a make-up easily using our makeup scheduler on our registration page.

Where Does Rockness Music Hold  Music Classes For Toddlers In Montclair, NJ?

Sharron Miller Dance Academy
14 South Park Street
Montclair, NJ 07042

For more information, please contact us at 732.205.1971, we are always here to help.

Register your Mommy And Me Music Class today!  We can’t wait to rock with you!

This summer, Rockness Music will be rockin’ out with its exciting, high-energy educational programs for children of all ages!

Summer Camp Entertainment

Rockness Music is bringing its hip, rockin’ class to summer camps across New Jersey and New York!  Children, ages 6 months to 12 years, will gain confidence, focus, and knowledge by exploring new instruments and sounds to create music.  Our instructors, using a curriculum specifically crafted to enrich and engage children through our original music, give children a head-start on their learning as they prepare for the next school year!

Summer Camp Entertainment – Summer 2014 Offerings

Enrichment Classes

(Ages 0-5) For our younger toddlers and babies we recommend our exciting Rockness Music enrichment classes. This program is the basis of all Rockness Music “Parent and Me” classes that have attracted families across NY and NJ.

Everything Makes a Sound Seminar

(Ages 3-12) Children create musical pieces using a loop sampler and everyday objects.  First, we choose everyday objects from around the room. We then discuss the make-up, shapes and what sounds it will make. The children then perform the item into a microphone.  The real fun happens when we layer all of the different sounds together to create a song, proving that everything really does make music!

World Instrument and Percussion Seminars

(Ages 3-12) Children explore the anatomy, science, and history of an instrument using intriguing hand-held synthesizers, percussion, and world instruments.  Discovering new drums (djembe, udu, tabla, bongo, cajon) and percussion instruments (vibratone, vibraslap, flexitone) allows us to learn terms like vibration, tone, resonance, tension, and more.

We end the seminar with an exciting drum circle, where every child gets the opportunity to keep the beat and show what they’ve learned. We supply each participant with REMO® shape drums and sticks.

Rockness Music All Ages Show

The ultimate entertainment for preschools and summer camps! We will engage children and staff alike with a show that everyone can be a part of. Children will sing, dance and learn focus as they explore new instruments and engage with our instructor. This exciting, entertaining, and educational music show for kids is an ideal activity for all ages!

Custom Show

Many summer camps have weekly plans and themes throughout July and August. We are open to being flexible in incorporating these plans into our show.  Let’s work together!

More Information

Feel free to contact us at info@rocknessmusic.com to schedule Rockness Music at your summer camp this summer!  You can also call us at 732-690-2220 – we are always here to help.

We can’t wait rock with you!

Rockness Music

Please Note: The following is the first in a series of blog posts that highlight health, wellness, and nutrition.  While each post is carefully written and researched, please consult your personal physician prior to making any changes regarding your own health and wellness.

We’ve all heard the adage that “you are what you eat.”  But, did you know that there is actually quite a bit of truth to that saying, and that what you put into your gut can boost your overall health!

According to the NYU Medical Center, a healthy digestive system directly correlates to greater health.  In fact, the stomach is considered the “front line defense system” of the human body.

“All foods we eat are in communication with immune receptors in the digestive tract,” says Dr. Lisa Ganjhu, clinical assistant professor of medicine at NYU Medical Center.  “[This] triggers hormones and various cell types that help the body with its immune function.”

But, beyond maintaining a healthy diet, staying active, and steering clear of germs, there is another key factor in one’s overall wellness: probiotics.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that are essential to basic human nutrition.  The more than 500 species of bacteria naturally found in the digestive tract reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, and can prevent sickness.

“When probiotics are abundant in your body, it’s harder for bacteria that cause illness to get a foothold,” says Dr. Oz.  “[They can] also keep you healthy by making bacteriocins, which suppress the growth of harmful bacteria.”

Another benefit of probiotics is helping to maintain proper levels of healthy bacteria when a person is being treated with antibiotics.  This has become standard practice among doctors, as more and more recommend the use of probiotics when writing a prescription for amoxicillin, augmentin, or other antibiotics.

“As soon as you start taking antibiotics, start taking probiotics,” says Dr. Andrew Weil.  “[Take them] twice a day with meals and continue for a few days after you finish your prescribed therapy.”

Mr. Michael

At Rockness Music, we work with children on a daily basis.  As any preschool or elementary school teacher will tell you, it’s nearly impossible to stay clear of germs in a classroom setting.  However, probiotics can certainly help save one from calling out sick.

“After being on a series of antibiotics a few years ago, I became very, very sick,” says Rockness Music founder Michael Napolitano.  “I eventually learned that I wasn’t getting enough ‘good bacteria’ and needed to rebuild my digestive system.”

Mr. Michael has been using probiotics for the past two years, and has noticed a dramatic change – his frequency of sickness has drastically reduced.

“I really believe in the use of probiotics,” he says.  “I’ve continued to take them on a daily basis and have noticed a significant change.”

Probiotics for Children

Probiotics are also proving to be useful for children.  In fact, many experts recommend a daily serving of one-quarter teaspoon of commercially available probiotics for children.  Of course, you should always consult your pediatrician before beginning this course of action.

Pediatricians consider the benefits of probiotics for children to be as great as in adults – they are the “little soldiers” that “strengthen the intestinal lining so that bad bugs can’t cross into the bloodstream.”

“We give probiotics to our children as well,” says Mr. Michael.  “We went all winter without a single illness.  No vomiting.  No strep throat.  Not even an upset stomach.  It’s been a total game changer.”

More Information

We want all of our little friends to be as safe and healthy as possible.  While we do support the use of probiotics, we urge you to speak with a physician prior to using them.

For more information on the safe use of probiotics, as well as scholarly findings on their benefits, please visit the following websites:


Keep Rockin’,
Rockness Music

Rockness Music offers the hippest birthday parties in New Jersey and Brooklyn!  See what makes a Rockness Music party the best experience for your child’s special day!


Rockness Music travels across New Jersey and Brooklyn to bring joy to families and their children.

We perform inside homes, offices, preschools, restaurants, public parks, and banquets – you name it, we’ve rocked it!

As long as we have a safe, clean space to ensure everyone has a great time, we will be able to rock!

What to Expect

Rockness Music ’s high-energy parties are performed live on guitar and djembe drum by one of our expert teachers.  Our 45-minute, imaginative musical adventure will be a wonderful experience for your child, family, and guests.

One of our teachers will perform Rockness Music songs with your children, engaging and entertaining them while allowing them to explore their own musical creativity.  We’ll create drum circles, dance with shakers, and experience new and interesting “mystery discovery” instruments.

What Have Other Parents Said?

We are so proud of the work we do with young children, and always thrilled to hear from happy parents:

“Not only did the children have fun – but the adults did too! Everybody raved about your performance, energy and music. You could have entertained us for hours!”

“You were amazing! The kids had so much fun (and so did I!).  You really made [my children] feel extra special!  I love that it was so entertaining and educational at the same time!”

“OMG! Everything was so amazing. So many compliments on Rockness Music – even the adults got in on the action.”

We’re positive you’re going to love our rockin’ birthday parties!

About Rockness Music

All Rockness Music performers teach classes at our locations across New Jersey and New York throughout the year.  They have all been trained by our founder, Mr. Michael, who spent over a decade working with Blue Man Group and in the Blue School in NYC.

Mr. Michael created Rockness Music in 2008 with a mission – to find new, exciting ways to offer a child a musical education experience.  We would love the opportunity to bring Rockness Music to you for your child’s rockin’ birthday!


A 45-minute, highly interactive and entertaining Rockness Music birthday party starts at $300 ($350 for NYC/Brooklyn).

There is an extra fee ($5) for each additional child over 15 children.  We also require a transportation charge for locations outside of our network of classes.

We accept payment via credit card or check.

Book Your Party

To book your party today, please fill out our quick and easy registration form: http://www.Rocknessmusic.com/register-events/.  A representative from our offices will contact you shortly upon receiving this completed form.


For more information, contact us at info@rocknessmusic.com We are here to help and make your child’s birthday a rockin’ good time!

We hope to rock out for your child’s birthday party soon!

Keep Rockin’, Rockness Music

Rockness Music is bringing its unique brand of hip, engaging children’s music classes to several new locations this Spring!

Where are Your New Locations?

Rockness Music will be offering its exciting, engaging, and educational mommy and me music classes at four new locations this Spring.

We will be rockin’ out in Edgewater, Bayonne, Jersey City, and Prospect Heights in Brooklyn!

Where Will You Be Holding Class?

Rockness Music is proud of the partnerships it has made over the years with its ongoing class locations across New Jersey and New York.  We are very happy to announce that we will be holding class at our new locations in:


Professional Arts Academy
250 Old River Road
(Wednesdays at 10am)


All Fit Studios
196 Broadway Ave
(Sundays at 10am)

Jersey City

Next Step Broadway
233 9th Street
(Fridays at 10am)

Prospect Heights

760 Washington Ave
(Thursdays at 10am)

For a full list of new locations (as well as our current classes), check out our location page: www.rocknessmusic.com


Our Spring Sings semester begins the week of March 31st; however, there is still time to register for our free trial classes at one of our new locations for the rest of the week.

Visit our registration page and join one of our free classes this week to see what everyone’s talking about: http://app.mainstreetsites.com/dmn2164/classes.aspx?sem=11968#sem.

What’s New This Spring?

This Spring we will be ushering in the warm breezes, flowers, and birds as we explore the sounds we can make with our bodies.  Children will imitate the voices of animals and instruments, and create a world of noise with their bodies.

We will be singing your favorite Rockness Music songs, as well as some new tunes!  Each child will be receiving a special echo microphone to sing along with their favorite teacher in class!

How Can I Register?

To register for a Rockness Music class in one of our new locations, please visit our registration page: http://app.mainstreetsites.com/dmn2164/classes.aspx?sem=11729#sem.

We can’t wait to rock with you this Spring!

More Information

For more information, feel free to contact us at  info@rocknessmusic.com We are always here to help!

We look forward to rockin’ with you at our new locations in Edgewater, Bayonne, Jersey City, and Prospect Heights this Spring!

Week of the Young Child is just around the corner.  Join Rockness Music in celebrating this very special occasion!

What is the Week of the Young Child?

The Week of the Young Child is a yearly celebration that calls attention to the needs of young children and their families.  It is also a week where we recognize and celebrate the early childhood programs and services that strive to enrich the daily lives of our toddlers and parents.

Who organizes Week of the Young Child?

Week of the Young Child is organized annually by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Their motto, “The Early Years are the Learning Years,” serves as a reminder to everyone that the early childhood years (up to 8 years) lay the foundation for a child’s success later in life.

When is Week of the Young Child?

The Week of the Young Child is April 6-12th, 2014.

It was first organized in 1971 by the NAEYC as a time for those involved in early childhood services to plan how we as a community can work to better meet the needs of young children and their parents.

For more information, as well as well as how to participate, please visit the NAEYC’s website: http://www.naeyc.org/woyc.

Why is music so important to the development of our young children?

Rockness Music has always subscribed to the notion that music education is an extremely important aspect of a child’s development – it’s the reason we are so passionate about what we do!  We love rockin’ out with all of our little rock stars, but we know we’re doing more together than simply having a good time – we’re helping to educate, inspire, and develop cognitive function.

Research shows that those who are involved with music, from as early as two months, are quicker to develop both mentally and physically.  “When you’re a musician and you’re playing an instrument, you have to be using more of your brain,” says Dr. Eric Rasmussen, the chair of the Early Childhood Music Department at Johns Hopkins.  “Children involved in music have larger growth in [brain activity] than those not in music training.”

For more about the benefits of music education, visit our friends at PBS: http://www.pbs.org/parents/education/music-arts/the-benefits-of-music-education/

How is Rockness Music celebrating Week of the Young Child?

During Week of the Young Child, Rockness Music will be celebrating not only by rockin’ out during our Spring Sings locations across New Jersey and New York, but also by performing for our friends at our favorite preschools.  We value the development of young children through music above all else, and we can’t wait to do our part this April!

To contact Rockness Music about a potential booking during this important week, please e-mail us at info@rocknessmusic.com or call 732-205-1971

For more information about Rockness Music’s Spring Sings session, visit our class description page: http://www.Rocknessmusic.com/classes/.

Let’s celebrate Week of the Young Child together!

Keep Rockin’,
– Rockness Music

Rockness Music’s Free Children’s Music Classes are coming to a location near you!

As we get ready to kick off our Spring Sings session, we want children and parents alike to experience what a Rockness Music class offers.  That’s why we’re offering two weeks of free children’s music classes so you can see what everyone’s been talking about – Rockness Music offers the best children’s music classes in town!
Come join the band and rock with us for free!

When and Where?

Rockness Music isn’t just a class, it’s an energetic, educational experience where everyone is performing together.  The more members of the class that are participating, the better!
Our free children’s music classes will begin on March 10th and continue through March 21st.
We will be holding free children’s music classes in select locations in New Jersey (Maplewood, Hoboken, Madison, Montclair, Jersey City, and Edgewater) and Brooklyn (Boerum Hill, Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Prospect Heights).
We are also excited to be opening up three new locations in Jersey City, Edgewater, and Prospect Heights!
For a full list of free class locations, please visit our free class location page.
To register for your free children’s music class, please visit our registration page.

How Do I Register?

You can register for our Free Children’s Music Classes by visiting our registration page.
If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at: info@rocknessmusic.com

We’re always here to help!

Free Children’s Music Classes from Rockness Music!

Our free children’s music classes offer children the opportunity to continue to grow, explore, discover, and learn more and more each day.
Let’s create a world of sound with our bodies and welcome in the warmer months with Spring Sings!
Register for our Free Children’s Music Classes today!

Rockness Music’s Classes for Babies

Get ready for Rockness Music’s classes for babies this Spring across New York and New Jersey.

When and where are these music classes offered?

Rockness Music’s classes for babies and toddlers are offered on weekday mornings in all of our locations throughout NY and NJ.  For an entire list, please visit our class page.

What age groups should we expect in these classes?

Rockness Music classes are all ages (0-5 yrs), yet, the majority of children in our morning classes are ages 0-3 years. Why? Most other children are in Preschool at this time; this is why our afternoon classes are recommended for older children and siblings.

Why do we separate age groups in their music classes?

The experience gained by spending time with older or younger children is quite valued by Rockness Music. Babies watch and learn from the older children. We have witnessed a toddler showing a baby how to play the drum, offering them a shaker and even snuggling! It is beneficial for our babies to observe other children who have already experienced and learned from our instructors in our classes for babies and toddlers.

Why is our approach to children’s music constructive for babies?

Rockness Music classes for babies and toddlers have something to offer every age and personality. We offer our babies an introduction to new sounds and experiences. Our weekly mystery discovery instruments offer new sensory experiences. Each one has a peculiar sound and feeling.  Our class is on the louder end of baby music classes – this is a good thing!  Families and children quickly latch onto these wonderful songs because the music is great, the beats are obvious, and the lyrics are catchy and entertaining. The loud sounds and action offer babies an opportunity to loosen up, and to become comfortable with new sounds and people. Our more active babies sit still and watch, and ‘study’ the instructor. We say that our best students are those under one years old – their inability to walk keeps them in one place, wide eyed, watching and listening to everything we do!

What instruments do we use in class?

Shakers, dancing props and drums for each child are just the beginning! We offer our babies very cool, special instruments – ocean drums, animal shakers, and maracas!
Of course, our instructors always share their instruments, too! The class is full of new and exciting experiences weekly!

Is my baby too young to play the drums?

No! We encourage the basics. Holding the sticks, touching the drum, and becoming familiar with the practice of playing drums. We don’t expect our babies to be rocking out like Keith Moon! We want to open the door for them, and let them know they too can drum too.
Our parents tell us that babies who begin in our classes quickly begin playing with musical instruments rather than toys.

How will my baby benefit from taking a class?

There are extensive benefits to our music classes for babies.  The biggest asset of our class is brain development and the fact that music is a catalyst for early speech and social integration. Your child will gain confidence and comfort, interact with other children and adults, and be exposed to various world instruments.  For more, please read what parents have to say on our testimonials page.

How does it differ from other Baby Music Classes?

We believes that our babies have the ability to absorb, digest and react to an enormous amount of information. We also believe that we do not need to water down the music in our classes.  Although our lyrics are very child friendly, the music is very intellectual and thick with a heavy downbeat that the babies can latch on to. This pleases not only the children that attend our classes, but parents as well.  Several of our parents tell us they can’t believe how often they find themselves singing our music during the week between classes, and that our music is “better than any other children’s music [they]’ve ever heard.”

Where are Baby Music Classes in New Jersey offered?

Metuchen, New Jersey

Location: What’s the Scoop
Address: 410 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ
Meeting Times: Wednesday and Thursday at 9:15AM

Westfield/Garwood, New Jersey

Location: Creative Kids
Address: 300 South Ave, Gardwood, NJ
Meeting Times: Thursday at 10 & 11AM; Friday at 9:30 & 10:30AM

Madison, New Jersey

Location: Doodlebugz
Address: 55 Main Street, Madison, NJ
Meeting Times: Monday at 3:30PM; Thursday at 9:30 & 10:30AM

Montclair, New Jersey

Location: Sharron Miller Dance
Address: 14 South Park Street, Montclair, NJ
Meeting Times: Tuesday at 9:30 & 10:30AM

Maplewood, New Jersey

Location: Village Dance Academy
Address: 155 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood, NJ
Meeting Times: Tuesday at 10AM

Jersey City, New Jersey

Location: Three Little Birds
Address: 16 Erie Street, Jersey City, NJ
Meeting Times: Monday at 9:30 & 10:30AM

Jersey City, New Jersey **New Location**

Location: Next Step Broadway
Address: 233 9th Street, Jersey City, NJ
Meeting Times: Friday at 10AM

Hoboken, New Jersey

Location: Local Barre
Address: Hoboken, NJ (addresses below)
Meeting Times: Tuesday at 10:30am (720 Monroe Street); Wednesday at 11am, Noon & 3:30pm (1180 Maxwell Lane); Thursday at 11am & Noon (44 Hudson Place)

Edgewater, New Jersey **New Location**

Location: Professional Arts Academy
Address: 250 Old River Road, Edgewater, NJ
Meeting Times: Wednesday at 10am

Where are Baby Music Classes in New York offered?

Fort Greene, New York

Location: Hank and JoJo
Address: 218 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn, NY
Meeting Times: Tuesday and Friday at 11AM

Williamsburg, New York

Location: Twinkle Playspace
Address: 144 Frost Street Brooklyn, NY
Meeting Times: Friday at 10AM

Boerum Hill, New York

Location: GUMBO
Address: 493 Atlantic Ave (between Nevins & 3rd Ave) Brooklyn, NY
Meeting Times: Wednesday at 9:30AM

Dumbo, New York

Location: Abundant Learning
Address: 68 Jay St Brooklyn, NY 11201
Meeting Times: Monday at 10:00AM

Prospect Heights, New York **New Location**

Location: Color Brooklyn
Address: 760 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Meeting Times: Thursday at 10:00AM

****Schedule subject to changes, please check back for updated class times and locations.

Register your Mommy And Me Music Class online by clicking here!  We can’t wait to rock with you!

Keep Rockin’


Thanks for joining us for our ten-week Winter Wonder Mommy and Me Classes!

Rockness Music embraces the child in all of us, giving parents the advantage of aiding their child’s learning explorations.  Winter Wonder offers the freedom and knowledge to keep exploring, discovering, and learning a bit more every day as our children prepare to attend preschool and kindergarten.

Together with you, Rockness Music would like to bring awareness to the new experiences our world has in store for our children every day. Let’s take the time to listen and look at everything a little closer.

Reminisce your childhood!

Remember the wonder we felt as a child when we experienced new things?  The wonder when we heard a sound for the first time, stepped on crunchy ice, held a guitar, or had our first ice cream cone?

These new discoveries are an important learning experience and a beautiful time of life. Regardless of what we do, our children will discover new things every day. If we help apply ourselves as parents, our children’s discoveries will be embellished. We hope that the discovery, and wonder that is Rockness Music will find it’s way into your home.

Perhaps you will discover the music a dishwasher, a tea kettle, or even your hands and feet can make.  Check out Rockness Music’s Everything Makes a Sound video to get some ideas! There is no better time than winter to explore new things in your own home, and we are excited to help!

Use your imagination!

We are going to act like robots, grow like solid oak, cook pancakes and, with our sense of wonder, discover new sounds, songs, and make new friends. Lets all be inspired by our…..

Winter Wonder Mommy and Me Music Classes!

Contact Us Today!