September is right around the corner, and for some of you, this time September will be even more special! That’s right, your little one is getting ready for his or her first day of school!

Now there’s a bunch of emotions that you could be feeling right now- happiness, nervousness, excitement, anxiety, and even relief! But not to worry, you have prepared your child for this moment since the second you held them in your arms.

Here are some tips you can use to help make the transition to preschool a really rockin’ time.

Practicing preschool makes perfect

1. When you get closer to the first day, you should start to mimic the routines your child will soon experience. Try incorporating activities like sing-a-longs, read-alouds, circle time and even nap time into your daily schedule. With read-alouds, have them sit across from you in criss cross style.

2. Get your child used to self-helping tasks like zipping up their jacket and putting on their backpack. You can make quick games out of it, like seeing how fast they can put on their shoes (safely) or how quick they can pack up all their belongings. See how your child helps themselves, how easy is it for them to take out their lunch and eat on their own? Observing things like this can help you help your child take on the big girl and boy tasks of preschool.

3. If the preschool your child is going to has an open park or playground near, take them there to play! Chances are they will be playing in that place at some point, so why not get them accustomed to the area?

4. Get your child accustomed to sharing, especially if they don’t have a sibling. Tell them to ask for things politely, and that everyone should get a turn at things that are fun!

5. Start implementing a bedtime if you haven’t already. You don’t want to wait until the night before to force them to go to bed at a time they’re aren’t used to. A rockstar needs his sleep!


Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing

(and one!) is gonna be alright!

1. It’s important not to worry your child about preschool, but at the same time listen to the concerns they may have. Always reassure them that you’ll be there to pick them up everyday, that the people will be nice, and that they will have fun learning and making new friends! Let them know that many people go to preschool and grow up to be just fine!

2. If your child starts to act out by throwing tantrums and clinging on to you, know that this is natural.

3. Most importantly, reassure your child that you still love and them and you’re not abandoning them! Let them know that they will still have Mommy-and-Me or Daddy-and-Me time! Even plan out a weekend schedule if that helps, and let them pick an activity to do very Saturday!

It’s the final countdown!

1. When the days dwindle down and the first day of preschool gets closer and closer, start to shop with your little one for clothes and supplies! Let them feel and understand how much they are a part of this, and how rockin’ it is for big boys and girls to get ready for school! Having them pick out their backpack is a great way for them to feel like a big kid making big decisions!

2. Label everything! Clothes, supplies, lunch- put your little one’s name all over it! Show your child everything that belongs to them, so they know what they have in their backpack and they know what to bring home.

3. Make sure your child is up to date on immunizations or medication that they take. Make sure the school is aware of any medication or special needs that your child has!

The Night Before

1. Have your child pick out a reasonable outfit for the first day (as long as it’s weather and preschool proof!)

2. Make sure they get a good night’s rest! Remember a 2-4 year old child should be getting 9-12 hours of sleep a night (not including daytime naps)!

3. Also plan out your morning! Know what time you should get up, what time you should wake up your little one, and what you’ll make for breakfast and their lunch.

4. Pack your child’s backpack. The less you have to do in the morning, the less stressful it will be!

The Day is Here!

1. Make sure you wake up and leave enough time for you and your little one to get ready and pictures to be taken- be sure to capture this major moment!

2. When you pack their lunch, make sure you pick some of their favorite foods!

3. Let them take a trinket to school on the first day to help them transition from home to school. It could be a small stuffed animal, a tiny favorite toy, or a picture of your family to make them feel at home.

4. When you drop them off, stay around for a couple of minutes. If you leave too soon, it might worry your child.

5. This might be a nervous morning for you, but try your best not to let your child see that! If you look worried, your child will most likely pick up on your emotions and feel that they have to worry as well.

6. Think of a special goodbye! A fun high-five, a kiss to put in their pocket all day, or a happy hug that lasts all day- a cute goodbye can help the sendoff go smoothly!

7. When you finally decide to leave, don’t run back if you hear your child crying for you.  We know this is the hardest part. No one wants to hear their child upset, but this is a common reaction on the first day. Your child will be okay! You prepared them for this day! You both are ready! If you are really worried, you can call the school later on during the day to make sure your little one is alright.


We hope these tips will help you get in tip-top shape for the first day! Your little ones will soon be rockin’ out at preschool! So don’t stress!




Tips on how to keep rockin’ with your little ones and have a musical day with your preschool child.

In pop culture, having a musical life similar to that of Glee or High School Musical seems like the most fun a person could have. One minute a character is walking down the hall, and them bam! All of a sudden he or she bursts out into song, and everyone around them now knows a spontaneous choreography to an original song. But who says that TV shows get to have all the fun? You and your youngster can make your own lives into a musical, without a camera and director following you around saying “action!” (unless you really want someone to!)

Everyday activities that you do with your child can have a rockin’ twist with the help of some creativity and your best instrument- your voice!

How to Have a Musical Day With Your Preschool Child

Here are some examples of daily routines that can be rockin’ with the help of awesome friends like Sesame Street and Laurie Berkner and us, Rockness Music:



Although it might not be the safest thing to brush your teeth and sing at the same time, before you and your young one brush your pearly whites, try singing this great song by AJ Jenkins!


Getting Dressed


Sometimes squirming and putting on clothes feels like you’re doing a dance, so while not sing along with it? At times kids can feel like getting dressed is a hassle, but with the help of this Sesame Street song, you can show your rock star how much fun getting dressed can be! A rock star has to look the part, right?

Making Breakfast


Everyone loves food and everyone loves music! Why not combine the two? Singing a tune while making breakfast is a great way to lighten up the morning and shake out the sleep. Try listening to Rockness Music’s very own “Pancakes” the next time you make some for breakfast!  It’s only right that when your done you drum on the bowl! It’s so much fun!


Out and About


It’s always fun to jam out with your little one when you’re in the car or just walking around. When you’re out and about around the house, try this Jim Gill song/interactive dance called “Truck Stop”.


Bath Time


When the day winds down and you are starting up the bedtime routine, Baby Bear’s “Bath Song” from Sesame Street is a great song to listen to while you scrubby scrubby scrub in your tubby tub tub! It’s also an easy transition into Goldilocks and the Three Bears for a classic bedtime story.



There are classic nighttime rituals such as a bedtime story, but why not have a bedtime song? Before you put your little one to sleep for the night, try playing this song from The Laurie Berkner Band!

If these awesome songs somehow get old, you and your little rock star can make up your own tunes to help make your daily moments more musical. Who needs Glee when you can have your very own Preschool Musical!

Keep on rockin’ friends and have a musical day with your preschool child!

With April in full spring and warm weather approaching, what better way to bond with your little one than to make music? We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”, but before we can have picnics in parks and beach days, we have to sit through a few sun showers to let that green grass grow! When April decides to shower, there are a bunch of activities you can do with your bundle of sunshine to keep them shining.

Rain Rhythms

The rain dance activity is a great way to keep the spirits up and make great music with your child. If you find that your child is afraid of thunderstorms, this could also be a great way for them to understand his or her fear.
Start by sitting down with them in some chairs (so you can face each other). Have your child mimic your movements as you mimic the sounds of the rain. First, rub your hands together, as if you’re trying to warm them, to make a soft sound. The storm is starting! Next, transition into snapping. If your child doesn’t know how to snap yet, this is a great time to try! If snapping is a bit of a reach, have them clap softly. These are the first few raindrops. Then, pat your thighs like a drum, starting out soft but getting louder overtime. The biggest part of the storm is coming up! Now you’re patting your thighs and stomping your feet because it’s raining hard out there! We all know the rain doesn’t last forever, so we have to finish the storm so the sun can come back out. Slowly retrace your steps through the rain dance, from stomping to patting to snapping/clapping and back to rubbing your hands. At the end start low and stand up, stretching your arms out wide, because you are the sun coming back out! The rain dance is a favorite of music lovers both young and old!

Drip Drop Orchestra

When it’s expected to rain for the whole day and you’re home with your little one, making rain instruments can be a rockin’ way to make the time pass.  The best thing about these instruments is that you can make most of them with stuff at home!


The Rain Stick
One of the most common homemade instruments is the rain stick. What you need: an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll, uncooked rice, aluminum foil, rubber bands, and markers, construction paper, glue, glitter, etc. to decorate.  How to make it: 1) Have your little music maker design his or her paper towel roll with markers and other decorations to his or her liking. 2) Cover one end of the empty roll with aluminum foil, securing it with a rubber band. 3) Pour some uncooked rice into the paper towel roll, enough to make a swishing sound if shaken. 4) Now cover the other end with foil, also securing that side with a rubber band. 5) Enjoy your now finished rain stick! Have your child turn the rain stick upside down to hear the swishing sound of the rain.


Drum Bowl, Please…
A bowl drum is another great idea for an impromptu rain band! What you need: two paper bowls, a stapler, and decorations like markers, glue, glitter, etc. How to make it: 1) You along with your rock star can decorate the bowls with markers or crayons, making cool designs. 2) (Optional) You can put some uncooked rice or beans in the bowls to double the drums as shakers. Whether you put in rice or not, still staple the two bowls together after. 3) Have your little one hit the bowls like a drum or shake them like a tambourine. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Thunderstorm Tap Shoes
If your young dancer has tip tap fever, these easy-to-do tap shoes can be a great way for them to dance the rain away! What you need: some elastic (about ½ inch wide), some metal washers (about 1¼ inches across). How to make it: 1) Cut two pieces of elastic about eight inches long. 2) Weave the elastic through the metal washers 3) Wrap the elastic around your child’s shoe, tying it securely on the top, but not too tight to make him or her uncomfortable. 3) Your little one is ready to dance!  Along with your instruments, you both are now ready to have a rockin’ party!

If your child is worn out after the music making, a great way to cool down can be reading one these awesome books: On Monday When It Rained by Cherryl Kachenmeister, Rain by Robert Kalan, or It’s Raining, It’s Pouring by Kin Eagle.

Don’t let the weather rain on your parade!


I received my Loog guitar this week. This guitar gets a Rockness Music:  A+

I’m always saying in our preschool music classes…..the cheap imitation guitars are not worth a dime.

The metal strings are too hard, they do not keep their tune – we all know how hard it is to tune your child’s six string guitar ten times a day (or at least to keep the strings from breaking). In the past I have always recommended the ukulele for preschoolers.

But now the Loog Guitar.  This is the answer. A Ukulele is still a great option for a child’s first instrument (and potentially more cost effective).  That is the only tough part. The guitar retails at $149.00. Any professional will tell you it is well worth the money.

A perfect design for little people. Nylon strings, THREE, not six. A slender neck and an easy body to hold.

You will find yourself strumming on this monster in no time. Easy to play, easy to fret and (make up) chords. Thats right! It’s kind of difficult to make it sound bad. The way the strings are laid out really makes the performer at an immediate advantage.  You and your child will benefit from this instrument. Welcome to the future. Loog Guitars!


The Loog Guitar started as an academic project in 2010 when Rafael Atijas developed the concept as his Master’s thesis at New York University. The fact that The Loog Guitar was conceived in a university actually explains a lot about the company’s culture: their main goal is not to make the most profit, but to offer a product that is unique and well-designed.

In March 2011, The Loog Guitar was launched via Kickstarter, a fundraising website for creative projects. We set the goal to raise $15,000 and instead ended up raising $65,618 from people all over the world who believed in the project and wanted to play a part in bringing this idea to life.

Loog Guitars is driven by a passion for music and sustainable design. They source their wood only from responsibly managed forests and are committed to quality and safety standards that meet or exceed government regulations.

They started this company because they love guitars and believe that building them is an essential part of understanding and loving the instrument. When you build your own guitar you develop a deep connection with it. They want to share this experience with their customers and that is why The Loog Guitar ships unassembled for parents and children to build them at home.

Following 11 and preceding 13 comes the number of the day, 12.

I did not realize, or never thought very deeply about the significance of 12 in our world.  Lets take a quick look.

12 B.C12 A.D.181219122012

What does 12 mean: Two remaining after taking ten, or twalif “two-leftover”.

Facts about 12.

The volume we listen to Rockness Music. The number of times we listen to Rockness Music records  in the car (sorry Moms and Dads!). Ok, now some real facts –

• 12 is noon, 12 is midnight.
• 12 months in a year
• 12 inches in a foot
• 12 zodiac signs.
• We have 12 cranial nerves in our body
• 12 pairs of ribs.
• The atomic number of Magnesium is 12.
• 12 is the maximum speed of winds in a hurricane according to the Beaufort scale.
• In Orthodox Judaism, 12 is the year of maturity.

Religion: What a huge number for many religions. There were 12 legitimate successors of Muhammad, Twelve Olympians, Twelve tribes of Israel, 12 apostles of Jesus, 12 Rebel princes of King Arthur, the sun god Surya has 12 names. This is just the tip of the iceberg – and there were twelve icebergs (just kidding).

Sports: Famous athletes wearing the # 12?

Wade Boggs, Joe Namath, Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw.

Finally MUSIC: 

Twelve is the number of pitch classes in an octave.

The 12-inch single is a vinyl record format.



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