Summer Camp Entertainment With Rockness Music

April 15, 2014

This summer, Rockness Music will be rockin’ out with its exciting, high-energy educational programs for children of all ages!

Summer Camp Entertainment

Rockness Music is bringing its hip, rockin’ class to summer camps across New Jersey and New York!  Children, ages 6 months to 12 years, will gain confidence, focus, and knowledge by exploring new instruments and sounds to create music.  Our instructors, using a curriculum specifically crafted to enrich and engage children through our original music, give children a head-start on their learning as they prepare for the next school year!

Summer Camp Entertainment – Summer 2014 Offerings

Enrichment Classes

(Ages 0-5) For our younger toddlers and babies we recommend our exciting Rockness Music enrichment classes. This program is the basis of all Rockness Music “Parent and Me” classes that have attracted families across NY and NJ.

Everything Makes a Sound Seminar

(Ages 3-12) Children create musical pieces using a loop sampler and everyday objects.  First, we choose everyday objects from around the room. We then discuss the make-up, shapes and what sounds it will make. The children then perform the item into a microphone.  The real fun happens when we layer all of the different sounds together to create a song, proving that everything really does make music!

World Instrument and Percussion Seminars

(Ages 3-12) Children explore the anatomy, science, and history of an instrument using intriguing hand-held synthesizers, percussion, and world instruments.  Discovering new drums (djembe, udu, tabla, bongo, cajon) and percussion instruments (vibratone, vibraslap, flexitone) allows us to learn terms like vibration, tone, resonance, tension, and more.

We end the seminar with an exciting drum circle, where every child gets the opportunity to keep the beat and show what they’ve learned. We supply each participant with REMO® shape drums and sticks.

Rockness Music All Ages Show

The ultimate entertainment for preschools and summer camps! We will engage children and staff alike with a show that everyone can be a part of. Children will sing, dance and learn focus as they explore new instruments and engage with our instructor. This exciting, entertaining, and educational music show for kids is an ideal activity for all ages!

Custom Show

Many summer camps have weekly plans and themes throughout July and August. We are open to being flexible in incorporating these plans into our show.  Let’s work together!

More Information

Feel free to contact us at to schedule Rockness Music at your summer camp this summer!  You can also call us at 732-690-2220 – we are always here to help.

We can’t wait rock with you!

Rockness Music