Spring Cleaning

October 15, 2019

It’s SPRING CLEANING time and we here are Rockness Music want you to turn your cleaning chores into a musical afternoon of adventure and fun with your children. Did you know that everything makes a sound?  It’s true. Try tapping on the dinner table with your kids.  Walk up and down your gravel driveway.  All of a sudden you have the backdrop for an awesome song.  So when you are heading outside to clean the yard you can make music with soccer balls and baseball mitts just by drumming on the them.  You will make very unique sounds with these not so typical instruments. Whoa! Who needs a drum kit when you have a basketball to groove with?

If your baby or toddler is tired of the latest and greatest toy you can always turn to wooden spoons or plastic cups to make music.  So while straightening up the kitchen pantry you can take the box of mac and cheese and shake it like a shaker.  That’s right, shake that mac and cheese!  Before you recycle it you can start your own jug band by blowing on the top of an empty jug of apple juice. You will be the coolest family on the block!

Check out the song Everything Makes A Sound from the album Everything Makes A Sound written and performed by Rockness Music founder Michael Napolitano and his family.  Hint, those are all items from the studio!   Talk about everything makes a sound.

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