Mommy & Me Music Classes

Every class is a show and everyone is in the band.

At Preschool of Rock our families are captivated by real rock-n-roll instructors, high energy music and stimulating activities. The musical adventures we embark upon each week target the social, emotional, and physical development of your child.

We believe in slammin’ drum beats, catchy hooks and melodies, and rich instrumentation in our music. Music is fun, and we plan to keep it that way. Our emphasis is based on enjoyment, and engagement. After all, if we lose the child’s attention they will learn nothing.

It’s not just music. Preschool of Rock’s curriculum focuses on all areas of development. We target Preschool science, language, dramatic play, music & movement, socialization, and wellness.

Keeping it Fresh & Familiar

The curriculum, activities and song selection vary weekly. Each week we use consistent materials: shakers, dancing ribbons, and our various instruments and drums.

Journey on an Adventure

Our imaginations and creativity are stimulated every class with various songs that target dramatic play and dance. Each week we embark on an adventure during our Adventure Song – a true highlight for the children.

Feel the Beat

Drumming is essential at Preschool of Rock. Each child (babies too!) is given individual drums and sticks and instructed to follow along with prompts from the instructor. Beat and rhythm are the essential building blocks of musical performance and an integral part of the Preschool of Rock experience.

Discover & Explore

Every week the children (and parents) discover a new instrument – part of our mystery discovery instrument series – and we explore the sounds and culture of the instrument through our show-n-tell circle time. We add a touch of preschool science as we discuss the shapes and color of the instruments.