Elementary Schools

Elementary school assembly programs should be educational – and fun!

Our elementary shows are designed with fun and education in mind. Get students moving, grooving, and learning at your next assembly, seminar, or workshop with veteran “edutainment” experts.

With Michael and The Rockness Monsters, Elementary School Shows Will Never Be The Same

Perfect for elementary school shows, our large rock show is designed for large crowds and bigger venues. It features the award-winning band, Michael and the Rockness Monsters. On top of having sold-out shows, your students may already be familiar with some of their hits from Sirius XM radio. Their funk-inspired, super galactic rock-and-roll show will have students (and their teachers) moving and grooving together.

Silliness, Seriousness, and Everything in Between

Elementary school teachers and administrators understand the importance of finding performers or guests who can capture their students’ attention during elementary school assembly programs. This fear will disappear when Michael and the Rockness Monsters take the stage. Their unique blend of silliness and seriousness will captivate students and have them engaged the entire show. Using lively, catchy songs, props, and audience participation, it is impossible for students to lose interest.

Not Afraid to Talk About The Hard Stuff

While we know how to rock and have fun, our musicians also understand the power of music to teach important life lessons. Michael and the Rockness Monsters perform elementary school assembly programs with this in mind. As parents themselves, the band gets the importance of teaching even the youngest rock stars how to treat others. For example, they perform themes shows on hard topics such as inclusion, conflict resolution, and anti-bullying.

NJ and NYC Elementary Schools, Get Ready to Rock!

Rockness Music and Michael and the Rockness Monsters are ready to rock your next elementary school assembly! We offer elementary school assemblies in NJ and elementary school assemblies in NYC. We’d love to customize an elementary rock show that will leave your students (and teachers) spellbound. We can’t wait to raise the roof off of your school.

Additional Ways to Bring Rockness Music to Your Elementary School

In addition to our elementary school shows, we also offer a variety of preschool-themed shows for younger crowds. And, that’s not all! Rockness Music is now offering drum classes, ukulele classes, and piano classes that are ideal for elementary school music classes and after-school programs.

Not only will students learn drumming techniques in our Drum Seminar weekly program, but they will also design and build their own bucket drums. Our Group Ukulele program encourages students to work together as a team in addition to learning how to play their instrument. And our elementary piano classes are perfect for giving young pianists a head start while reinforcing memory skills. Plus, each of these unique elementary school music classes concludes with an end-of-program concert for parents to enjoy.

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