Music Enrichment Classes for Preschools

Music + STEM = A Rocking Combination

Not all STEAM programs for kids are created equal. As preschools are working diligently to implement STEAM into the classroom, Rockness Music is already prepared to show teachers and students how music enrichment courses can support STEAM.

Rockness Music are the experts when it comes to combining music education and entertainment. Our award-winning preschool music programs do not simply teach kids to sing songs; instead, our unique preschool enrichment programs are STEAM lesson ready. It’s not just a basic music class – it’s exciting scientific exploration.

Rockness Music’s unique musical STEAM enrichment program is curriculum-aligned.

Going beyond a basic music program, Rockness Music’s musical STEAM enrichment program was designed with early childhood standards in mind. Everything students will do in Rockness Music’s preschool music programs has been planned based on research. Our curriculum aims to meet STEAM academic goals such as cognitive thinking, analytical skills, abstract thought, and intellectual discovery.

Rockness Music uses drum circles to foster preschool mathematics.

In Rockness Music’s weekly sessions, instructors sharpen kids’ math and analytical skills as well as their coordination and focus during our syncopated drum circles and sight-reading exercises. Preschoolers are not just beating their drums – they are counting aloud and identifying patterns and sequencing. When they are sight reading, they are counting and identifying tempo.

Rockness Music’s preschool music classes encourage scientific exploration.

Our unique musical STEAM enrichment program encourages discovery for kids of all ages. Together, we ask questions and discuss science, technology, engineering, math and culture in relation to music. We don’t lecture; instead, we encourage questions and analytical thought. For example, we explore the technical and musical traits of our unique selection of Mystery Discovery Instruments – an inquisitive musical show-and-tell.

Preschool music classes teach kids about the world around them.

In addition to science and mathematics, an important part of preschool STEAM is introducing kids to other cultures. Rockness Music encourages students to learn about other cultures by means of counting in other languages and exploring other cultures using musical instruments from other countries. Rockness Music’s STEAM enrichment program encourages kids to use music and science to discover the world around them.

Why STEM matters

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) programs have been implemented in schools all across the country. As educators know, this is because studies show these are the skills that students need the most for success. The preschoolers of today will need STEAM skills for their future careers in a tech-savvy marketplace.

While preschool may seem young to introduce these lofty ideas, preschool is the perfect time to embrace STEAM activities for kids because they are at a stage when playfulness and curiosity are combined. By introducing STEAM at a young age, educators are giving students a firm foundation.

The connection between preschool music classes and academic success is clear.

In addition to introducing STEAM activities in preschool, it is also imperative that young children are exposed to music. This is because science has shown that students who are exposed to music have greater academic success than their peers. Like STEAM programs for kids, preschool music classes give children a head start academically.

Why not combine the two? The movement to incorporate the arts into the STEAM curriculum is on the rise! More and more schools are embracing a STEAM curriculum for this very reason. The STEAM curriculum goes beyond simply adding an arts component to a STEAM curriculum – it teaches students how to apply what they learn from art to real-life situations. Rockness Music’s enrichment programs are the very definition of STEAM!

Our music classes come to you!

With 40 weeks of prepared STEAM-aligned curriculum, we come to you! Our instructors bring everything to your school to help students embrace musical discovery. If you want Rockness Music to take your students on a musical-STEAM journey, contact us today!

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