Music Enrichment Classes for Preschools

Children’s Chorus and Concerts Foster a Sense of Belonging and Purpose.

Musical, intellectual, emotional and social development is at the core of Rockness Music’s music education and group ensemble program. Beginning with preschool-aged children and up, Rockness Music teaches children enrolled in an NJ kids chorus to work together effectively while empowering them to become better, more active listeners.

Rockness Music Comes to You!

No Kids Chorus NJ in your school? No problem! Rockness Music offers after-school music programs for preschoolers and kindergartners – and we come to you! Our talented instructors will gladly come to your school and teach your students how to perform as a group ensemble. This is a perfect option for schools lacking full preschool music programs.  Our weekly lessons will prepare those enrolled in preschool enrichment programs to work together as a group and perform in front of an audience.

Kids’ Chorus Nurtures Self-Confidence.

Children’s chorus improves students’ engagement, happiness, and productivity inside and outside of the classroom by making them feel like they psychologically own the music as they become performers. Schools with an NJ children’s chorus are offering students another way to develop self-confidence.

Experiential Learning That is Fun for Everyone.

Rockness Music’s program teaches the foundations of music taught in private lessons and music classrooms but goes a step beyond by giving students an opportunity to share what they have learned in our children’s chorus and biannual concerts. Preschool music programs that offer a children’s chorus in NJ are advantageous for school directors, parents, and students alike.

See The Results for Yourself!

Parents love to see their child’s success and the program first-hand during our kids’ chorus performances. We concentrate on creating a positive experience for your children by making sure they’re well-prepared, know what to expect, have ways to present themselves with confidence and positively respond to mistakes.

More Fun to Follow…

We’re big believers in learning and having fun. Each NJ kids’ chorus concert is followed by a complementary Rockness Music preschool rock show for performers and their families to enjoy.

Interested in learning more about our NJ children’s chorus options? Get in touch with us.