Music Enrichment Classes for Preschools

Rockness Music is The Preschool Music and Movement Experts.

Our preschool music and movement classes are designed to get kids up and moving. Our educational and entertaining preschool music programs have a variety of benefits for children. Our preschool music programs provide a positive environment for healthy growth and development and help kids develop gross motor skills, coordination and balance.

Movement is an Important Part of a Child’s Development.

During the toddler and preschool stages, children develop their fine and gross motor skills. By teaching music and movement to preschoolers, we can make them more aware of their bodies and begin to teach spatial awareness. Moreover, the movement provides an encouraging outlet for creative and emotional expression. It helps increase kids’ confidence, body positivity, and social skills.

Our preschool music programs include a variety of songs that inspire movement. We grow like trees, act like robots, jump-up-and-down, pretend to sleep, do yoga poses, stretch, shake our bodies, get silly and learn about the anatomy of our bodies through different movement exercises. Preschoolers develop the essential gross and fine motor skills through fun and educational music and movement activities!

Rockness Music’s Research-Based Approach to Music and Movement.

Rockness Music’s preschool music programs are aligned with early childhood standards, including physical development and creative expression. Everything we do is designed with these standards in mind. For example, when students hold a drumstick, we are helping them develop fine motor skills. When students get up and move, they are developing gross motor skills. When preschoolers participate in dramatic play, they are learning creative expression.

Encouraging Physical and Social Development through Music and Movement.

Our preschool music and movement classes help children more effectively process their emotions and put themselves in other shoes and situations by teaching them empathy and modeling respect for those who seem different. We expose children to new music, dances, and cultures and help them acquire and sharpen their social, emotional and development skills, so they’re confident and prepared for whatever comes their way – today or tomorrow.

Teaching Music and Movement to Preschoolers with Using Playful Discovery Activities.

Each class includes a “Discovery Music” activity. This activity involves teaching kids a specific movement or exercise. We also teach stretching and basic yoga, and dramatic play that incorporates big movement and challenges children to move like trees, robots, animals and more! We guide them as they travel to new, exciting places in their imaginations.

Rockness Music’s Preschool Music Programs are Designed to Be Fun and Entertaining.

For over ten years, we’ve been teaching kids through play using upbeat, interactive songs that promote big movement and affirmational messaging. From ribbons to shakers, we integrate an array of props into our preschool music programs that spark their young imaginations.

Our Preschool Music Programs Come to You!

We will come to you! Rockness Music has been teaching music and movement to preschoolers in daycares, preschools, schools, and community centers in NJ and NYC for ten years. Our instructors will bring instruments, props, and our unique curriculum to your school. If you want Rockness Music to get your students up and moving, contact us today!

Interested in preschool music and movement? Want more information about preschool music programs? Get in touch.