Music Enrichment Classes for Preschools

Rockness Music Targets Language and Literacy.

Rockness Music is one of the most sought-after preschool music programs because our programs are aligned with early childhood standards, such as language development, early literacy, and creative expression. Our school music programs for preschoolers have a curriculum that ensures students are having fun and learning at the same time.

Using the power of music, Rockness Music targets language and literacy to make sure even the youngest rock stars are learning to identify and manipulate new sounds, build their vocabulary, and think creatively.

The Unique and Fun Way Rockness Music Supports Language Development and Early Literacy.

Rockness Music focuses on language and literacy in several different ways. Each class includes musical discovery, imagination, pretend play and creative expression. Here are some of the language enrichment activities for preschoolers Rockness Music incorporates:

  • Daily sing-alongs to strengthen memorization and build vocabulary
  • Experimenting with new sounds, words, and languages to foster auditory discrimination
  • Introducing basic musical terms to build vocabulary
  • Mystery discovery activities (a musical show-and-tell) to encourage speech and build vocabulary
  • An emphasis on phonetic pronunciation as new words and sounds as new instruments and props introduced (such as TH, PH, SH for Shakers)
  • Pattern recognition through sing-alongs and repetitive singing

Rockness Music instructors are continually assessing students to meet their needs and help them move on to the next skill at the appropriate time. At the end of the program, teachers and parents alike can see the difference Rockness Music has made – especially in the area of language development.

Music is Proven to Accelerate Brain Development – Especially Language Acquisition and Early Literacy.

It is no secret that there is a clear correlation between music and brain development. Multiple studies have shown that children exposed to music (or in preschool music classes) learn to speak and read earlier than their peers. This is because music reinforces memorization through repetitive singing and patterns, which helps children build their vocabulary. Therefore, music is one of the best language enrichment activities for preschoolers.

Music Helps Preschoolers Develop Auditory Discrimination Skills.

Additionally, music is a fantastic way to help young children develop their auditory discrimination skills. Auditory discrimination is the ability to distinguish between sounds – particularly between the smallest parts of words (also known as phonemes). As educators work to teach preschoolers early literacy skills, auditory discrimination is necessary. Again, this is why music should be a regular part of language enrichment activities for preschoolers.

Rockness Music’s Language Enrichment Activities for Preschoolers are Research-Based.

Rockness Music understands the significance of music’s role in language development and early literacy, which is why our curriculum targets these areas. Our familiarity with early childhood education standards has been used to develop a music education program that focuses on these integral areas of development.

Everything we do in our school music programs for preschoolers is done with the goal of providing high-quality education that encourages musical, intellectual, emotional and social development. It is for this very reason that Rockness Music has won numerous awards and been recognized by influential resources such as PBS.

Creative Expression is also Central to Rockness Music’s Preschool Music Classes.

Another part of language development and early literacy is helping kids learn how to express themselves. Through dramatic play, Rockness Music instructors help preschoolers learn creative expression and abstract thinking. They learn how to express themselves through words and body language in a safe and healthy environment.

Don’t Forget – Our Music Classes Come to You!

If you are looking for a language enrichment program in NYC or a language enrichment program in NJ, look no further than Rockness Music. We will come to you! Our instructors will bring instruments and our unique curriculum to your school.

Our award-winning program has changed the lives of more than 500,000 children in schools across the area. If you want Rockness Music to change the lives of your students, contact us today!