Music Enrichment Classes for Preschools

Rockness Music’s Kindergarten Music Programs Teach Kids to Rock!

As children move from preschool to kindergarten, Rockness Music continues to teach them to use music to explore the world around them. Since we began teaching kids to rock ten years ago, we have impacted the lives of more than 500,000 children in private classes and schools through enrichment classes with an award-winning curriculum aligned with various learning standards.

Rockness Music’s School Music Programs for Kindergartens are Individually Aligned with Your Standards.

We are passionate about music and education. We are committed to serving our partner schools by delivering high-quality education that is aligned and individualized to support their requirements for accreditation and core standards. Our curriculum for school music programs for kindergartners is aligned with the following Early Childhood Standards & Curriculum:

  • Head Start
  • Early Head Start
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Montessori
  • High/Scope
  • Creative Curriculum
  • NAfME

Our award-winning kindergarten music program’s curriculum supports standards such as creative expression and appreciation for the arts, social-emotional development, language development, physical development, early literacy, early mathematics, science, and technology.

Our Enrichment Programs for Kindergartens Go Beyond The Music Basics.

While it starts with music, that is not where it ends. Our enrichment programs for kindergartners are exactly that – enrichment! Using everything from research to assessment to curriculum standards, we have made sure our kindergarten music programs offer diverse and innovative enrichment.

Take a look at our areas of focus to get a better idea of how our kindergarten enrichment programs can support your school to teach your students the very best.

  • STEM – In Rockness Music’s weekly sessions, instructors sharpen kids’ math and analytical skills during our syncopated drum circles, sight reading exercises, Mystery Discovery scientific explorations, and cultural discussions. The curriculum aims to meet STEM academic goals such as cognitive thinking, analytical skills, abstract thought, and intellectual discovery.
  • Language and Literacy – Rockness Music understands the significance of music’s role in language development and early literacy, which is why our curriculum targets these areas. Each thirty-minute class includes musical discovery, imagination, pretend play and creative expression. Music reinforces memorization through repetitive singing and patterns, which also helps children build their vocabulary. Plus, our music classes help students learn to identify and manipulate new sounds.
  • Performance – Rockness Music’s program teaches the foundations of music taught in group ensemble lessons, but it also goes a step beyond by giving students an opportunity to share with parents what they have learned in our children’s chorus and biannual concerts. Our performance focus helps students learn to work as a group, practice self-control and stay disciplined, as well as encourage positive self-esteem.
  • Music and Movement – Rockness Music’s music programs are aligned with early childhood standards, including physical development and creative expression. Studies show kindergartners need to move to help their brains develop – we get them up and out of their desks! Everything we do is designed with these standards in mind. For example, when students hold a drumstick, we are helping them develop fine motor skills. When students get up and move, they are developing gross motor skills. When kindergartners participate in dramatic play, they are learning creative expression.

How The Rockness Music kindergarten Music Programs Differ From Preschool Programs

While Rockness music’s kindergarten music programs sound similar to our preschool programs, there are some key differences. As children grow and mature, we can begin more complex studies of music and instruments. For instance, children in our kindergarten enrichment programs learn not simply to sing in a group ensemble, but they also begin to learn how to harmonize.

Additionally, kindergarten music programs introduce several more instruments, such as recorders. We also begin offering more advanced instrument enrichment classes such as group ukulele.  Rockness Music instructors teach kindergartners how to apply sight reading skills to their songwriting and performances. As they are able to handle more detailed lessons, we are able to go more in-depth in our musical explorations.

Rockness Music Preschool Music Education Program Details

The Rockness Music preschool music education program consists of weekly thirty-minute classes. We offer both in-school and after-school music programs for kindergartners. The program is designed with forty weeks of unique lesson plans. One Rockness Music instructor will come to the school to teach the preschool music program for 6-40 weeks, with the duration chosen by the school.

While each of our kindergarten music programs can be tailored to meet the individuals needs of the schools we serve, all of our programs are hosted by a talented, entertaining musical instructor. Our instructors will use music to inspire musical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

Our Kindergarten Music Programs and Kindergarten Enrichment Programs Support Teachers and Parents.

Teachers are heroes, and we want to make their lives easier by supporting them. For example, we use our own curriculum and materials, so they don’t have to do any extra work. Plus, teachers are given the curriculum ahead of time and a music CD, so they can extend music time after the instructor leaves. We also know communication is essential when it comes to supporting teachers and their students, which is why we also provide a bi-weekly “Rockin’ Review” newsletter.

Additional Rockness Music After-School Music Programs for Kindergartens

In addition to our traditional kindergarten music classes, Rockness Music offers drum classes, ukulele classes, and piano classes for children five years old and up. Our weekly Drum Seminar program has kindergartners design and build their own bucket drum in addition to learning how to play the instrument.

Meanwhile, our Group Ukulele program is a wonderful introduction to this instrument and encourages kids to work together. These music after school programs for kindergartners are sought-after and reinforce program goals. Plus, each of these unique kindergarten enrichment programs concludes with an end of term concert for parents to enjoy.

Rockness Music Comes to You!

We’ve taken our innovative curriculum to private classes and schools throughout NJ and NYC, and we want to raise the roof at your school! If you are looking for in-school or music after school programs for kindergartens, Rockness Music is ready to bring our award-winning music education program to your school. We pack up the instruments, bring the instructor, and educate kindergartners through music.