Music Enrichment Classes for Preschools

It’s Never Too Early to Give Babies a Head Start.

Wondering what music classes for babies are all about? Rockness Music’s music enrichment programs for babies do far more than teach babies to use their bodies to make music and move to the beat – our baby music classes are designed to help babies develop their cognitive skills.

School Music Programs for Babies Improve Cognitive Skills.

Science has proven that music exposure improves babies’ cognitive skills. In fact, a recent study in 2016 by the National Academy of Sciences compared babies who participated in baby music classes to those who participated in non-music playgroups. Results showed that those babies who participated in the school music programs for babies were able to process both music and new speech sounds in comparison to peers not in music classes.

Music Classes Give Babies an Academic Advantage.

Babies in music classes learn to recognize patterns. This cognitive skill is important for identifying musical rhythms, as well as for identifying speech patterns. Recognizing patterns paves the way for a future understanding of sounds and the ability to make predictions. Additionally, learning how to recognize the patterns in music helps children learn to speak, which is why researchers believe babies exposed to music tend to speak earlier than their peers.

Rockness Music’s Music Classes for Babies Encourage Discovery.

As infants grow into babies, Rockness Music offers programs specially designed to meet the needs of their growing brains and bodies. Our unique music enrichment programs for babies are a subtle introduction into the world of musical discovery. Babies will be exposed to new sights and sounds as we introduce age-appropriate props, such as shakers and hand percussion instruments, improving both cognitive and motor skills.

Rockness Music Will Assess and Adapt to Meet Students’ Needs.

All babies are unique, so we make sure we adapt our music program lessons to meet the needs of the children in our classes. As babies grow and develop, we will help them learn new skills, so they can continue to build their musical repertoire. Our results show that a weekly class makes a huge difference in how babies learn.

Rockness Music Encourages Learning.

Whether you are looking for in school music classes or after school music programs for babies, Rockness Music has a program that will enrich your school. Our school music programs for babies encourage learning and stimulate creativity and curiosity as they transform passive listeners into active music-makers.

Our Music Classes Come to You!

Best of all – we come to you! Rockness Music brings our baby-friendly instruments and instructors to schools, daycares, community centers, and early development centers all across New York and New Jersey. We can customize the length of our sessions for your school (with consideration given to age groups).