Rockin’ Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2014

Have a Rockin’ Valentine’s Day With These Music-Themed Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is this week and what better way to celebrate the little rock stars you love than with some homemade Valentines!


Here are some rockin’ Valentine’s Day arts and crafts you can make right at home!


The Piano Keys to Your HeartRockin' Valentine's Day - Piano Keys to Your Heart

Make this adorable piano Valentine with your little rocker to give to someone you both love!


What You Need:

-This printable keyboard cut-out from

-Construction paper (Red or Pink)

-Box of Candy



-Decorations (stickers, glitter,etc.)



How to:

1. Cut your keyboard print-out to fit the width of your candy box.

2. Have your little rock star try drawing out a piano stencil on your construction paper.

3. Cut out your piano stencils!

4. Glue your piano stencil to your candy box. Then glue your keyboard.

5. Use stickers, markers, glitter, etc. to decorate your Valentine!

A Love Note

Rockin' Valentine's Day - A Love Note


Your little songbirds will love this easy and fun Valentine!


What You Need:

-Construction paper




How to:

1. Create a heart stencil and a music note stencil on your construction paper. Your little ones can draw it out to suit themselves.

2. Cut out the shapes.

3. Glue the hearts to your music beams.

4. Feel free to write a love note on your music note telling someone how much you love them! Make music notes for everyone in your family!

iLove You MP3 Player

Rockin' Valentine's Day - iLove You Mp3 Player

Rock out with this sweet and jammin’ Valentine’s candy music player!


What you need:



-Box of Candy (similar size to sweethearts box)


-Construction Paper

-White Computer Paper

-Candy for the earbuds (Peanut Butter cups are suggested)


How to:

1. Have your little rockstar wrap the candy earbud in aluminum foil.

2. Tape a piece of string to each candy earbud.  Tie the ends of those two strings together and tape the joined part of the string to the candy box.

3. Wrap and tape the construction paper around the candy box. Feel free to draw designs on the construction paper to make your Valentine even more rockin’!

4. Cut out a square and circle out of the computer paper.

5. Write your Valentine songs and notes on the paper square to make the mp3 player screen. Glue it to the candy box.

6. Use the paper circle to create the “scroll wheel” for the mp3 player. Glue the wheel to the candy box.


We hope these Valentine ideas inspire you and your family to spread some love in a musical way!


Happy Valentine’s Day


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