Music Classes In Montclair

Thinking about Montclair music classes? We hold our baby music classes in Montclair and have been rockin’ here for nearly a decade! The town is known to be a favorite spot for New Yorkers wishing to move away from the city for a better quality family life. Nestled on the side of the Watchung Mountains in Essex County, Montclair is one of the most vibrant and colorful towns in all of New Jersey.  Montclair’s public school system is based on a magnet system where students can go to any of the town’s schools they choose.  Many college students go on to attend Montclair classes at Montclair University.  Brookdale Park is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities for kids in Montclair. The Montclair Art Museum (MAM) also has some terrific indoor children’s activities in Montclair.

Our children’s music classes in Montclair are held at Sharron Miller’s Academy for the Performing Arts, just off of Bloomfield Avenue, on Tuesday mornings.  We really have the best time in our toddler music classes in Montclair!  We explore new instruments each week and bring out old favorites too! When the djembe comes out all of the children know to put their binoculars on because we’re going on an adventure!  It’s such a joy to see your kids light up with the music!

Our class is the perfect Montclair baby music class. Our students are encouraged to participate at any level at any pace. Children learn the basic “how to’s?” and “why’s?” pertaining to music. We encourage investigation, discovery, and creativity.  We can’t wait to see you at our Montclair kids classes!

Music Classes In Westfield

We love rockin’ out in our Westfield music classes!  Westfield is an awesome community with a vibrant downtown and cultural scene and convenient public transportation to NYC. There is a great public school system which attracts a lot of great families and also many classes for kids in Westfield.  According to Time Out New York, “Westfield is a cool place to live.”

There are extensive indoor and outdoor activities for kids in Westfield. There are nine municipal parks and fields in the town, plus tennis courts at Elm and Walnut Streets. Tamaques Reservation is the largest, with football and baseball fields and places to jog and picnic. Memorial Pool is a popular summer place to cool off!

We hold our toddler music classes in Westfield at Westfield Recreation on East Broad Street. Every class is a new adventure with new songs and new instruments! We also have baby music classes in Westfield, for our youngest rockstars.  Most classes are mixed ages and siblings are always welcome!  Nearby Fanwood and Scotch Plains families are also conveniently located to our kids classes in Westfield. This is the exciting, enriching kids class in Westfield you’ve been searching for! We want to rock with you!


Many families making the leap from the city to the suburbs move to Scotch Plains. People find it very peaceful there.  Scotch Plains is at the foot of the Watchung Reservation, a beautiful park with hiking and horse trails, a large playground, stable, museum and picnic sites.  There are many children’s activities in Scotch Plains to serve this growing family oriented community.

We hold our children’s music classes in Scotch Plains at Congregation Beth Israel.  You don’t need to be Jewish to go here of course!  All our welcome. This great space has a bright, big room for us to jam and dance around in!  Pr No matter when you decide to try our Scotch Plains music classes, it is sure to be an engaging, energetic and bonding experience for you and your child!

If you’re looking for classes for kids in Scotch Plains, check out the Jewish Community Center of Central New Jersey.  We love doing our enrichment program and after school classes for their youngest students. The JCC is such a great place to meet people and has an awesome summer camp! For activities for kids in Scotch Plains, the JCC is the place to be.

We hold our children’s music classes in Madison! This town is often described as quaint and charming and that it looks like a film set. It actually has been used as one many times! Many students attend Madison classes at one of its two universities: Drew University and Fairleigh Dickinson.  It is also a great town for families and there are lots of activities for kids in Madison. There is a fabulous community pool and many choices for classes for kids in Madison. It was voted one of the safest communities in New Jersey. We love that. One of the many reasons why we do Madison kids classes.

Every fall, Madison has an event called Bottle Hill Day. During this festival, the community is able to come down to the center of town to celebrate with games, food, music, and more! There have been a lot of children’s activities in Madison added and over the years the festival has really grown.  They also love parades here too!

Preschool of Rock’s Madison music classes are held year round at Studio Allegro.  They train young dancers there and have a great creative movement program for children as well.  We love being able to partner with studios and schools that have such a positive creative vision and are as passionate about the arts as we are! Our baby music classes in Madison are so much fun!  Our instructors get everyone involved starting with simply clapping to the “Hello” song.  For our toddler music classes in Madison it’s the same thing but the toddlers are a bit more mobile of course. Plenty of space to jump and dance around!  Our kids classes in Madison introduce new instruments and songs each week. For Madison baby music classes, we just a little cooler and hipper than other classes… if we do say so ourselves.


Interested in classes for kids in Dumbo? Dumbo is definitely one the most unique neighborhoods that we hold children’s music classes in! It is NYC’s little secret hideaway nestled beneath two bridges.  We love doing kids classes in Dumbo. There is the amazing Brooklyn Bridge Park, cool playgrounds and Jane’s Carousel. There are so many fun activities for kids in Dumbo and lots of Dumbo classes. There are lots fantastic shops and restaurants to explore as well!

Our children’s music classes in Dumbo are held at  Abundant Learning.  This terrific space is in the heart of Dumbo and a wonderful place to meet other parents. In our Dumbo music classes are where many lifelong friendships began. It is invaluable to share with your peers who have children the same age as you. After our toddler music classes in Dumbo, you may want to do other children’s activities in Dumbo after class! Our Dumbo kids classes do fill up quickly so come and try one!

We didn’t have classes like this when we were kids like our baby classes in Dumbo! Do you love music and like to rock out? So do we! Our baby music classes in Dumbo have so many benefits for your child’s development. Music helps motor development and coordination, builds social skills and boosts self- esteem. Our classes are also just so fun!  We shake eggs, hit drums and dance, dance dance in our Dumbo baby music classes.  We hope to see you at our kids class in Dumbo soon.

Jersey City is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in New Jersey. It has some of the most breathtaking views of Manhattan from the gorgeous waterfront. It has also become such a family friendly town. We have been holding our children’s music classes and baby classes in Jersey City here for nearly a decade! There are plenty of fantastic family and children’s activities in Jersey City.  Our children’s music classes in Jersey City are such a great choice for your awesome children!

For activities for kids in Jersey City and Jersey City music classes, one thing that most parents want is walkability. Our location, Three Little Birds, is conveniently located on Erie Street, around the corner from the pedestrian promenade near the Grove Street PATH station.  This fun, mellow and groovy space is where you’ll find some of the best classes for kids in Jersey City. Preschool of Rock’s baby music classes in Jersey City, inspire creativity, confidence, and freedom. You won’t believe what an exciting experience our baby classes in Jersey City are!

We sometimes also do special Pop-Up Family Jams which are a lot like our toddler music classes in Jersey City. We sometimes partner with a local business like JCFamilies and hold them at different venues than our regularly scheduled Jersey City baby music classes.  Our Pop-Up jams and Jersey City kids classes are exceptional, rockin’ and just so much fun!

We love doing children’s music classes in Hoboken! It’s such an awesome city with a great vibe and wonderful young families!  There are lots of activities for kids in Hoboken and residents feel a real sense of community there. Families that were once moving out when they had kids are now staying and just moving into something bigger. Hoboken kids classes have really grown with the city. Families have often told us that we are one of the most unique children’s activities in Hoboken.

So, if you’re looking for Hoboken music classes or Hoboken baby music classes, we’ve got you covered! Sometimes you might want to walk to your children’s music classes. Whether you live uptown, midtown or downtown, Preschool of Rock has music classes all over Hoboken on most days of the week. Our baby music classes in Hoboken are some of our most popular. There are so many new moms in town that are ready for to take their babies to their first class and make some new friends for them both!  Our toddler music classes in Hoboken are also a smash hit! It is an active music class for your active toddler. We have original, rockin’ music, dancing and dramatic play.  Our kids classes in Hoboken have instrument discovery and drum circles too!

Whether you are new in town or a long time resident we want to meet you! Our Hoboken classes are filled with some of the coolest, friendliest families and have the most talented instructors. For baby classes in Hoboken or a kids class in Hoboken, you’ll be so glad you checked us out. Making music and kids smile is our passion!

Are you thinking that it’s time for your baby’s first class and considering children’s music? Is he or she becoming more interested in the outside world and you’re seeking activities for babies?  Our music classes for babies are specially geared for our youngest rockstars.  Preschool of Rock parent and me classes are the perfect introduction to music for your little one.

Music for babies? Yes! Babies naturally love music, so our mommy and me class allows you to enjoy it together. It’s such an awesome thing to experience with your child and strengthens the bond you have already started. Our baby music classes introduce new instruments , songs and sounds each week. The younger babies start, the more they gravitate to the instruments and become more engaged. We do so many fun activities in class that help develop fine motor skills.  This is the baby class everyone is talking about!

Searching for activities for a 1 year old or classes for a 1 year old? You’ve come to the right place too! Our music class offers original, rockin’ music that you won’t hear anywhere else.  For a preschool music class, that can be pretty hard to find these days. We always make sure every child has a great time and gets to dance their little hearts out!

Just as every child is unique, every family decides to celebrate their baby’s first birthday differently.  When thinking of ideas for a birthday party, some parents definitely want to have a theme and order elaborate edible favors.  Some parents blow up photos from the baby’s first 12 months of life.  Other parents like to keep it simple, just inviting a few family members over for cake. When you’re planning parties for babies, there’s really no wrong way to do it, because it’s your party!

1 year old birthday parties are our most popular at Preschool of Rock. We create a true celebration atmosphere! We engage all ages of children, older cousins and adults. We bring age appropriate instruments for the children to play and drums for the older kids.  If you’re considering an entertainer for first birthdays, we’ve got the best around! When parents think of ideas for a first birthday party, we are honored to say, they often think of us and refer us to their friends.

A birthday for baby is truly a momentous occasion. It’s a time to reflect, rejoice and have a dance party!  We would love to chat with you about any birthday ideas for a baby that you have. We are flexible and can accommodate any special requests you might have. We love what we do and want to share it with you.

Of course you want to find that perfect thing when you’re searching for activities for birthday parties.  How does a parent know what to choose for baby birthday entertainment or toddler birthday party entertainment? We’ve been there! Music entertainment for birthday parties is such a fantastic choice for children of all ages!  Kids love music.  A birthday party entertainer captures the audience and then leads the show. All you have to do is enjoy the music and the smiles on your child’s face!

Everyone has fun and is engaged at Preschool of Rock birthday parties!  One of the things that makes us special is our amazing musicians!  You won’t find a better entertainer for birthday party than from our amazing rockstar team! We engage everyone and bring out special instruments for the children to explore and play. There is always an exciting drum circle and an awesome dance party at the end!!

Have a baby turning 1? Preschool of Rock is the perfect choice for baby birthday party entertainment! We love babies and families and know how special first birthdays parties are! They are an important milestone to be celebrated and remembered.  We have very intuitive entertainers who know how to adjust the entertainment for babies first birthday parties if it is a mostly younger party crowd.  If you are looking for entertainment for toddlers first birthday, look no further. We love making music and making kids smile! We hope you’ll reach out to us for your birthday party entertainment.

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