Pay It Forward: The Joy of Giving with Rockness Music

November 26, 2013

The holiday season is among us! The leaves are falling, the snow is coming, and we can’t wait cuddle up with family and hold a warm cup of hot cocoa in our hands! However, not all families and little ones are as fortunate as we are. Some will be cold, hungry, and without a home. During this season of giving thanks, we at Rockness Music think it is extremely important to give to those in need. Donating to charity is a great way to teach your little ones the importance of appreciating what they have and spreading joy amongst others who are less fortunate.

1. Clothing Drives: Donating used clothes is a great way to help those in need. If your child has clothes he or she has outgrown, help them sort the clothes out and put them in boxes. Explain to your child why you are donating the items (for the little boys and girls out there who need it more!) and have them go to the drive with you.

2. Toy Drives/Toys for Tots: There are so many little rockstars who don’t have the equipment to rock on!  If there are some books lying around the house that have already been read, consider donating them to a shelter or local school in need. Donating some toys that your child no longer plays with can make some other little ones very happy. We know this could be difficult- children become newly attached to toys they abandon once the toys are about to be taken away. This could be a good moment to teach your child  the importance of sharing with others.

3. Food Baskets: Putting together food baskets is a common and easy way to give back! Go shopping at the local supermarket or clean out your pantry for canned goods (and other imperishable items) that can go to families. If you want to be super generous, try buying two of everything you need for Thanksgiving. The second set of everything you buy can create a huge package that you can send to a shelter or soup kitchen for their own holiday meals.

4. Create a Charity Jar: Making a charity bank is a nice way for you and your child to give. Whenever they find spare change around the house, tell them to put it in the charity jar (which you can decorate if you wish). Or, tell them to remember whenever someone does something nice for them. Have them put a coin in the jar every time someone gives to them so they can see how great a feeling giving to others is. Have your child see you put money in the charity jar- children often copy what they see adults around them doing!

5. Helping Others: Whether it’s helping cleaning up your next door neighbor’s yard, or giving the elderly couple down the street an invite to Thanksgiving dinner, reaching out to your immediate community can go a long way.  Think of those around you who might need some extra care this Holiday season and figure out ways you can give to them.
A little giving goes a long way. We hope you and your families have a loving and giving Holiday season!

Here are some charities to look into if you wish to spread some love:

The Salvation Army:
The Red Cross