Online Music Class For Toddlers

Online Music Class for toddlers.

virtual preschool class

Our online music class for toddlers is pretty much the most fun thing out there.

There are many options from dance and music to legos and art.  Here at Rockness Music we have sculpted a super fun online music class for kids. Classes can be bought in packs or drop ins.

You know when you feel like you need to get up and moving and go for a walk? Well our kids need it too! Our kids need to move and jump and get flushed in the face. It’s important to have those moments to be goofy as well.

Grab a snack and join us for morning fun. We are also serving the WORLD with virtual birthday parties. It all happens on Zoom, online, in your house! It’s a great way to celebrate during quarantine.

What to expect in our Online Music Class For Toddlers?

During our virtual classes we use songs and movement to inspire the kids to dance, sing and laugh. We suggest you bring a shaker, a kazoo, a drum, or any other instruments you would like to use. You can be as LOUD as you want. We will keep you muted during the class but don’t worry, the teacher will unmute at the end and we can all make goofy faces together.

Please contact us for any info you might have! We are here to help. Oh, don’t forget you can register for a free trial. FREE TRIAL, that’s right, what do you have to lose!

Thank you and take care.