Music Classes for Babies

February 10, 2014

Rockness Music’s Classes for Babies

Get ready for Rockness Music’s classes for babies this Spring across New York and New Jersey.

When and where are these music classes offered?

Rockness Music’s classes for babies and toddlers are offered on weekday mornings in all of our locations throughout NY and NJ.  For an entire list, please visit our class page.

What age groups should we expect in these classes?

Rockness Music classes are all ages (0-5 yrs), yet, the majority of children in our morning classes are ages 0-3 years. Why? Most other children are in Preschool at this time; this is why our afternoon classes are recommended for older children and siblings.

Why do we separate age groups in their music classes?

The experience gained by spending time with older or younger children is quite valued by Rockness Music. Babies watch and learn from the older children. We have witnessed a toddler showing a baby how to play the drum, offering them a shaker and even snuggling! It is beneficial for our babies to observe other children who have already experienced and learned from our instructors in our classes for babies and toddlers.

Why is our approach to children’s music constructive for babies?

Rockness Music classes for babies and toddlers have something to offer every age and personality. We offer our babies an introduction to new sounds and experiences. Our weekly mystery discovery instruments offer new sensory experiences. Each one has a peculiar sound and feeling.  Our class is on the louder end of baby music classes – this is a good thing!  Families and children quickly latch onto these wonderful songs because the music is great, the beats are obvious, and the lyrics are catchy and entertaining. The loud sounds and action offer babies an opportunity to loosen up, and to become comfortable with new sounds and people. Our more active babies sit still and watch, and ‘study’ the instructor. We say that our best students are those under one years old – their inability to walk keeps them in one place, wide eyed, watching and listening to everything we do!

What instruments do we use in class?

Shakers, dancing props and drums for each child are just the beginning! We offer our babies very cool, special instruments – ocean drums, animal shakers, and maracas!
Of course, our instructors always share their instruments, too! The class is full of new and exciting experiences weekly!

Is my baby too young to play the drums?

No! We encourage the basics. Holding the sticks, touching the drum, and becoming familiar with the practice of playing drums. We don’t expect our babies to be rocking out like Keith Moon! We want to open the door for them, and let them know they too can drum too.
Our parents tell us that babies who begin in our classes quickly begin playing with musical instruments rather than toys.

How will my baby benefit from taking a class?

There are extensive benefits to our music classes for babies.  The biggest asset of our class is brain development and the fact that music is a catalyst for early speech and social integration. Your child will gain confidence and comfort, interact with other children and adults, and be exposed to various world instruments.  For more, please read what parents have to say on our testimonials page.

How does it differ from other Baby Music Classes?

We believes that our babies have the ability to absorb, digest and react to an enormous amount of information. We also believe that we do not need to water down the music in our classes.  Although our lyrics are very child friendly, the music is very intellectual and thick with a heavy downbeat that the babies can latch on to. This pleases not only the children that attend our classes, but parents as well.  Several of our parents tell us they can’t believe how often they find themselves singing our music during the week between classes, and that our music is “better than any other children’s music [they]’ve ever heard.”

Where are Baby Music Classes in New Jersey offered?

Metuchen, New Jersey

Location: What’s the Scoop
Address: 410 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ
Meeting Times: Wednesday and Thursday at 9:15AM

Westfield/Garwood, New Jersey

Location: Creative Kids
Address: 300 South Ave, Gardwood, NJ
Meeting Times: Thursday at 10 & 11AM; Friday at 9:30 & 10:30AM

Madison, New Jersey

Location: Doodlebugz
Address: 55 Main Street, Madison, NJ
Meeting Times: Monday at 3:30PM; Thursday at 9:30 & 10:30AM

Montclair, New Jersey

Location: Sharron Miller Dance
Address: 14 South Park Street, Montclair, NJ
Meeting Times: Tuesday at 9:30 & 10:30AM

Maplewood, New Jersey

Location: Village Dance Academy
Address: 155 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood, NJ
Meeting Times: Tuesday at 10AM

Jersey City, New Jersey

Location: Three Little Birds
Address: 16 Erie Street, Jersey City, NJ
Meeting Times: Monday at 9:30 & 10:30AM

Jersey City, New Jersey **New Location**

Location: Next Step Broadway
Address: 233 9th Street, Jersey City, NJ
Meeting Times: Friday at 10AM

Hoboken, New Jersey

Location: Local Barre
Address: Hoboken, NJ (addresses below)
Meeting Times: Tuesday at 10:30am (720 Monroe Street); Wednesday at 11am, Noon & 3:30pm (1180 Maxwell Lane); Thursday at 11am & Noon (44 Hudson Place)

Edgewater, New Jersey **New Location**

Location: Professional Arts Academy
Address: 250 Old River Road, Edgewater, NJ
Meeting Times: Wednesday at 10am

Where are Baby Music Classes in New York offered?

Fort Greene, New York

Location: Hank and JoJo
Address: 218 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn, NY
Meeting Times: Tuesday and Friday at 11AM

Williamsburg, New York

Location: Twinkle Playspace
Address: 144 Frost Street Brooklyn, NY
Meeting Times: Friday at 10AM

Boerum Hill, New York

Location: GUMBO
Address: 493 Atlantic Ave (between Nevins & 3rd Ave) Brooklyn, NY
Meeting Times: Wednesday at 9:30AM

Dumbo, New York

Location: Abundant Learning
Address: 68 Jay St Brooklyn, NY 11201
Meeting Times: Monday at 10:00AM

Prospect Heights, New York **New Location**

Location: Color Brooklyn
Address: 760 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Meeting Times: Thursday at 10:00AM

****Schedule subject to changes, please check back for updated class times and locations.

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