Have a Musical Day With Your Preschool Child

June 6, 2013

Tips on how to keep rockin’ with your little ones and have a musical day with your preschool child.

In pop culture, having a musical life similar to that of Glee or High School Musical seems like the most fun a person could have. One minute a character is walking down the hall, and them bam! All of a sudden he or she bursts out into song, and everyone around them now knows a spontaneous choreography to an original song. But who says that TV shows get to have all the fun? You and your youngster can make your own lives into a musical, without a camera and director following you around saying “action!” (unless you really want someone to!)

Everyday activities that you do with your child can have a rockin’ twist with the help of some creativity and your best instrument- your voice!

How to Have a Musical Day With Your Preschool Child

Here are some examples of daily routines that can be rockin’ with the help of awesome friends like Sesame Street and Laurie Berkner and us, Rockness Music:



Although it might not be the safest thing to brush your teeth and sing at the same time, before you and your young one brush your pearly whites, try singing this great song by AJ Jenkins!


Getting Dressed


Sometimes squirming and putting on clothes feels like you’re doing a dance, so while not sing along with it? At times kids can feel like getting dressed is a hassle, but with the help of this Sesame Street song, you can show your rock star how much fun getting dressed can be! A rock star has to look the part, right?

Making Breakfast


Everyone loves food and everyone loves music! Why not combine the two? Singing a tune while making breakfast is a great way to lighten up the morning and shake out the sleep. Try listening to Rockness Music’s very own “Pancakes” the next time you make some for breakfast!  It’s only right that when your done you drum on the bowl! It’s so much fun!


Out and About


It’s always fun to jam out with your little one when you’re in the car or just walking around. When you’re out and about around the house, try this Jim Gill song/interactive dance called “Truck Stop”.


Bath Time


When the day winds down and you are starting up the bedtime routine, Baby Bear’s “Bath Song” from Sesame Street is a great song to listen to while you scrubby scrubby scrub in your tubby tub tub! It’s also an easy transition into Goldilocks and the Three Bears for a classic bedtime story.



There are classic nighttime rituals such as a bedtime story, but why not have a bedtime song? Before you put your little one to sleep for the night, try playing this song from The Laurie Berkner Band!

If these awesome songs somehow get old, you and your little rock star can make up your own tunes to help make your daily moments more musical. Who needs Glee when you can have your very own Preschool Musical!

Keep on rockin’ friends and have a musical day with your preschool child!