Free Children’s Music Classes

February 25, 2014

Rockness Music’s Free Children’s Music Classes are coming to a location near you!

As we get ready to kick off our Spring Sings session, we want children and parents alike to experience what a Rockness Music class offers.  That’s why we’re offering two weeks of free children’s music classes so you can see what everyone’s been talking about – Rockness Music offers the best children’s music classes in town!
Come join the band and rock with us for free!

When and Where?

Rockness Music isn’t just a class, it’s an energetic, educational experience where everyone is performing together.  The more members of the class that are participating, the better!
Our free children’s music classes will begin on March 10th and continue through March 21st.
We will be holding free children’s music classes in select locations in New Jersey (Maplewood, Hoboken, Madison, Montclair, Jersey City, and Edgewater) and Brooklyn (Boerum Hill, Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Prospect Heights).
We are also excited to be opening up three new locations in Jersey City, Edgewater, and Prospect Heights!
For a full list of free class locations, please visit our free class location page.
To register for your free children’s music class, please visit our registration page.

How Do I Register?

You can register for our Free Children’s Music Classes by visiting our registration page.
If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at:

We’re always here to help!

Free Children’s Music Classes from Rockness Music!

Our free children’s music classes offer children the opportunity to continue to grow, explore, discover, and learn more and more each day.
Let’s create a world of sound with our bodies and welcome in the warmer months with Spring Sings!
Register for our Free Children’s Music Classes today!