DIY Instrument – Paper Tube Kazoo

October 22, 2014

Attention parents! This week during our DIY Instrument Series we are going to show you a super simple instrument that you can make at home with your children – the paper tube kazoo! I used to make these all the time when I was a kid and you’ll be surprised that they sound like a real kazoo!

All you need to get rockin’ are a few items that we all have lying around the house (*optional):

Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Tube
Wax Paper
Rubber bands
Construction Paper*


Start off by having the children color on their paper tubes. We decided to get real funky and wrapped our tube in construction paper. We are also huge fans of Dinosaurs (rawrrrrr!) and slapped a few rockin’ stickers on ours for fun.

Next, cut out a square of wax paper to cover one end of the tube and use your rubber bands to hold it in place. ┬áParents – remember to handle the scissors for the safety of our mini-musicians!

Finally use a toothpick (Safety!) to poke a few holes in the wax paper so our jammin’ tunes can get out!

That’s it! Make a humming sound into your new kazoo and you and your little bandmates can turn your home into the stage just like we do in our children’s music classes!

Tune in next week for our next DIY Instrument when we show you how to make your own percussion instrument right at home.

Our DIY Instrument Series is a fun activity for families that they can do at home outside of our awesome music classes for children. For more information regarding our music classes please click here!