Children love quality music, that’s why they love Bruce, the Beatles and Rockness Music. They want to hear great music just like you do!

Real Rock and Roll musicians fill these classes with unforgettable, undeniable, musical awesomeness for your little one. With hip, adult-friendly music, Rockness Music offers engaging musical education classes and performances for babies through K’s. Classes educate and entertain by using original tunes, hip-shakin’ dance moves, and exciting instruments and props. We turn up the music without turning up the volume and every class and show is an educational, roof-raising celebration.

A child as young as 6 months can rock their body to rhythms and keep time. Soft lullabies are wonderful for children, but it’s hard to latch on to the beat. Rockness Music’s music drives a heavy unmistakable downbeat with which a child of any age can react. The rhythm they gain aids the building blocks of other skills like logic, reasoning and math.  With our high energy rockin’ tunes and boogie down dance grooves even the shyest of children break out of their shell and rock OUT!

The founder’s experiences with Blue Man Group and as a music specialist at The Blue School in New York City influences the curriculum and music in a progressive style. Within our community we build confidence and spirit, and encourage endless artistic expression.

Rockness Music classes are for children ages 6 months to 5 years. The social benefits of mixed age classes are IMMENSE. In this community the children learn to be respectful, caring and friendly. Add a full on rock attitude with tons of love and you have Rockness Music.


“Music music music, music all day, music all night. Music makes me dance, sing and feel alright.”

In my home music is playing all day long.  We wake with classical, we dine with Jazz, we dance to all of it.  Recently some tiny friends and their adult counterparts asked me about my taste in music. “What do you listen to Michael?” – “What children’s artists do you like?”

Hmmmm…..good question. So I went digging. Music is my life. I consider myself the first Rocker. My father’s drum kit was my television, my uncle’s hammond organ was my playground. Anyone who knows me, knows it and I would have it no other way.

Below I’ve listed my favorite musical artists. Not only for their music releases but for their dedication to music, children and the furthering of the arts.

Renee and Jeremy – It’s a big world!

When my first daughter was born my friend bought me this CD which she cherished with her firstborn.

This is an acoustic male/female duet. The songs are gentle, touching and beautifully recorded. The melodies and harmonies of these songs are sung with such natural ease. It’s perhaps one of the most soothing records I’ve ever heard. Moreover, we still listen to it, and we still love it over seven years later.  The lyrics on some of these tracks are so genuine you will find that you are living them. Warning: Some songs may inspire a gentle tear or two.

Josh and the Jamtones!

Late in the game I discovered Josh and the Jamtones. There is something specific I like about this group. I like their ability to latch onto, and retain their own style.

Josh, the mastermind, keeps me laughing and smiling in his videos. The collective group he surrounds himself with are a gift basket bringing clever ideas, great songs, and visuals.  This outfit lives for our little artists and parents looking for something outside the box. Their songs are primarily of a reggae and ska ilk and they branch out to some wonderful music explorations.  To top this, Josh has designed a program called “Jamin’ with You” and he inspires tons of tots to rock out just like we do! Rock it out Josh!!!

Aaron Nigel Smith!

How about Aaron Nigel Smith?

Do you know this guy? Well you should. He’s been on TV, and released numerous records. What tops all of it – in 2009 Aaron and his wife formed the nonprofit One World Chorus with the goal of building bridges internationally through choral singing.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak with Aaron. He is a positive force in the music world and a lovely person to be around. Plus my wife Heather went to music camp with him! Please check out all of his ongoings – it’s worth your while!

Recess Monkey!

We had the pleasure of checking out Recess Monkey Live at the Children’s Music Conference, KINDIECOMM last year.

I really liked their vibe. They were so much fun, and so very energetic. Most of all they remind me of guys I’ve played with over the years. Who knows maybe we’ll jam someday. Until then, buy their records and ROCK OUT!

Here is some adult music you and your children will love.

I’d like to give a few recommendations outside of the box. Here I want to discuss my two favorite supergroups of the past decade. What is a Supergroup?

A supergroup is a music group whose members are already successful as solo artists or as part of other groups or well known in other professions.  (Thanks Wikipedia!)

The first starts with a lovely story about my kids.

One day we are riding around Jersey City when I look in the rearview mirror and see my daughters head banging. They are bouncing their head in time to the music. To experiment I turn the music off and they yell – “Louder!”. This solidified my love of…

The Raconteurs.

The Raconteurs is a band composed of Jack White (the White Stripes) along with members Brendan Benson (Solo), Jack Lawrence (The Greenhornes) and Patrick Keeler (The Greenhornes).  I played it frequently and I still do. I love this record. Little did I know my daughters also loved the record. Their music is real rock-n-roll – so real I can taste the grooves and feel the thundering harmonized guitar lines. I highly suggest picking up any recording by this supergroup and enjoy.

Before we part I would like to give one more recommendation. This is another supergroup.

Monsters of Folk…

consisting of Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes, and M. Ward.  They had one release in late 2009 self titled ‘Monsters of Folk’.  This record is on constant repeat in our car. It’s not 100% clean so please give a listen before playing these tracks for your kids, but please, definitely play them for yourself and enjoy the creative lyrics, class ‘A’ engineering, harmonies and sick guitar licks.

Enjoy and keep rockin’!


Attention parents! This week during our DIY Instrument Series we are going to show you a super simple instrument that you can make at home with your children – the paper tube kazoo! I used to make these all the time when I was a kid and you’ll be surprised that they sound like a real kazoo!

All you need to get rockin’ are a few items that we all have lying around the house (*optional):

Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Tube
Wax Paper
Rubber bands
Construction Paper*


Start off by having the children color on their paper tubes. We decided to get real funky and wrapped our tube in construction paper. We are also huge fans of Dinosaurs (rawrrrrr!) and slapped a few rockin’ stickers on ours for fun.

Next, cut out a square of wax paper to cover one end of the tube and use your rubber bands to hold it in place.  Parents – remember to handle the scissors for the safety of our mini-musicians!

Finally use a toothpick (Safety!) to poke a few holes in the wax paper so our jammin’ tunes can get out!

That’s it! Make a humming sound into your new kazoo and you and your little bandmates can turn your home into the stage just like we do in our children’s music classes!

Tune in next week for our next DIY Instrument when we show you how to make your own percussion instrument right at home.

Our DIY Instrument Series is a fun activity for families that they can do at home outside of our awesome music classes for children. For more information regarding our music classes please click here!

Keep The Summer Beat with Rockness Music’s Summer Drummer Children’s Music Classes!

Rockness Music will be keeping the beat all over New Jersey and New York this summer with our awesome Summer Drummer Mommy and Me toddler music classes.  We’ll be creating drum circles, singing, dancing, exploring and discovering for a wonderful six-week session!

Every child in our Summer Drummer children’s music classes will receive his/her very own FREE set of bongos to help us keep the beat all summer long!

Don’t miss out, register today! Join the class that parents say “blows all of the others away!”

At What Locations Are Your Summer Drummer Children’s Music Classes Held?

Our Summer Drummer children’s music classes begin the week of July 7th and continue for six weeks.  We will be holding our high-energy, engaging, and educational toddler Mommy and Me music classes at the following locations in New Jersey, New York, and Brooklyn:

Riverdale, NY – Kidaroo

3603 Fieldston Road, Bronx, NY
Fridays at 10am

Ft. Greene, NY – Move with Grace

469 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Tuesdays at 10am

Dumbo, NY – Abundant Learning

68 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY
Mondays at 10 & 11am

Downtown Hoboken – Local Barre

44 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ
Thursdays at 11am & 12pm

Midtown Hoboken – Local Barre

720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ
Tuesdays at 9:30 & 10:30am

Uptown Hoboken – Local Barre

1180 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ
Wednesdays at 11am & 12pm

Jersey City – Three Little Birds

16 Erie St, Jersey City, NJ
Mondays at 9:30 & 10:30am

Maplewood – Village Dance Academy

155 Maplewood Ave., Maplewood, NJ
Fridays at 10am

Montclair – Sharron Miller Dance

14 South Park St, Montclair, NJ
Tuesdays at 9:30 & 10:30am

Madison – Doodlebugz

55 Main St, Madison, NJ
Mondays at 9:30am, 3:30pm
Thursdays at 9:30 & 10:30am

Westfield/Garwood – Creative Kids

300 South Ave, Garwood, NJ
Thursdays at 10 & 11am
Fridays at 9:30 & 10:30am

Metuchen – What’s the Scoop

410 Main St, Metuchen, NJ

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:15am

What Is Rockness Music All About?

Not familiar with Rockness Music’s engaging, high-energy children’s music classes?

Where Do I Sign Up for the Summer Drummer Children’s Music Classes?

Ready to sign up for our awesome Summer Drummer session?

Head over to and sign your child up for the best children’s music class around!  We’d love to see you in Hoboken, Jersey City, Madison, Maplewood, Ft. Greene, Dumbo, or whichever location is closest to you!

Remember: every child who signs up receives his/her very own FREE set of bongos!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, sign up for Summer Drummer today!
For more information, please contact us at info@ or 732-205-1971. We’re always here to help!

Keep Rockin’,
– Rockness Music

Rockness Music hosts super fun music classes for toddlers in Maplewood NJ!

Real rock n roll musicians fill these music classes with energy and engagement. We use drums, shakers and props to make these music classes for toddlers and their parents super fun! Our engaging, interactive, and educational music classes and performances are the most upbeat classes around, and guaranteed to have everyone dancing, singing, and learning together!

We have a wonderful community of families in Maplewood and we can’t thank them enough for our awesome reviews.

“Our children look forward to their weekly Rockness Music class. The energy, creativity and talent you bring to our school fosters a true appreciation of music. We are learning music skills in a fun and engaging environment!” (D.K. , Maplewood, NJ)

“I have done a ton of other mommy and me music classes here and in the city and this by far blows them all away.” (Krystin, Maplewood, NJ)

How are Rockness Music ‘s Preschool Music Classes in Maplewood different?

Our high-energy children’s music classes are filled with drumming, shaking, dancing, laughter, and instrument discovery.  Each week, toddlers and parents will learn about new instruments in our mystery discover instrument series.

Our interactive and hip 45-minute sessions incorporate Rockness Music’s Parents’ Choice Award Winning music.  Songs like “When I’m Jumpin,” “Safari Song,” “The Family Song” and more are all performed live on guitar and drums.

How Do I Register For A Music Class in Maplewood, NJ?

Simply head over to our classes page! Registering for a class is simple and easy – we can’t wait for you to join the band!

What To Expect The Day Of My Rockness Music Class in Maplewood?

Try and show up a little early so that you can find the location and settle in with your baby or toddler before classes begin. Our curriculum is crafted by experts in children’s education and music, bringing a musical adventure exploring imagination, creativity and a sense of wonder to your child. As children create and respond to music, they discover ways to represent their feelings, ideas and experiences.

Through drum circles, dramatic play, group singing, dancing, and more, we lay the stepping stones for your child as they prepare for their formal education.  Children in our Maplewood classes are given the freedom and focus to explore, learn, and play, leading to wonderful moments every week!

Where Does Rockness Music Hold  Music Classes For Toddlers In Maplewood, NJ?

Burgdorff Cultural Center

10 Durand Rd, Maplewood, NJ 07040

For more information, please contact us at or  732.205.1971, we are always here to help.

Sign up today for tons of fun with your toddler in Maplewood today!  We can’t wait to rock with you!

Rockness Music classes are the original Rock-n-Roll music classes for toddlers in Montclair NJ!

Rockness Music offers music classes for toddlers and their parents in Montclair, NJ! Our high-energy, original songs keep families engaged for a full 45 minutes!

Parents and kids alike love our entertaining and educational music classes:

“I have done a ton of other mommy and me music classes here and in the city and this by far blows them all away.” (Krystin, Madison, NJ)

“My nanny says this class is AWESOME! She keeps saying it’s so much more fun than all the other toddler music classes we’ve taken.”(Jade, Tribeca, NYC)

What are Rockness Music’s Toddler Music Classes in Montclair like?

Our high-energy children’s music classes for toddlers in Montclair, NJ are filled with drumming, shaking, dancing, laughter, and instrument discovery.  Each week, children and parents learn about new instruments and celebrate music together.

Our interactive and hip 45-minute sessions run for 6 to 10 weeks. These Mommy and Me Music Classes are all performed live on guitar and drums.

How Can I Register For A Music Class in Montclair, NJ?

Registering for a class on our website is easy!  Simply head over to

All class submissions are answered promptly. Credit card payments are accepted online, and your registration is processed immediately.

Can I try a class for Free?

Yes, we’d love to have you try out a free demo class! Scheduling Demo classes is easy using our online Demo Class Scheduler. We are certain you will love our classes and will want to join for the entire session!  We can’t wait to rock with you!

What To Expect The Day Of My Mommy And Me Music Class

A musical adventure exploring imagination, creativity and a sense of wonder. As children create and respond to music, they discover ways to represent their feelings, ideas and experiences.

  • Our high energy music classes for toddlers in Montclair, NJ are filled with drumming, shaking, dancing, laughter, and instrument discovery.
  • Interactive 45-minute Mommy and Me music classes performed live on guitar and drums.
  • Drum circles, beat making, dramatic play and group singing.
  • Hip music for children that parents love too!
  • Weekly mystery discovery instruments.

What if I miss a class?

Don’t worry, we believe in the positive influence of these music classes for toddlers and babies.  We hope you don’t miss one, but we understand that “life happens.”  Two make-up classes are allowed at any of our locations, and you can schedule a make-up easily using our makeup scheduler on our registration page.

Where Does Rockness Music Hold  Music Classes For Toddlers In Montclair, NJ?

Sharron Miller Dance Academy
14 South Park Street
Montclair, NJ 07042

For more information, please contact us at 732.205.1971, we are always here to help.

Register your Mommy And Me Music Class today!  We can’t wait to rock with you!

This summer, Rockness Music will be rockin’ out with its exciting, high-energy educational programs for children of all ages!

Summer Camp Entertainment

Rockness Music is bringing its hip, rockin’ class to summer camps across New Jersey and New York!  Children, ages 6 months to 12 years, will gain confidence, focus, and knowledge by exploring new instruments and sounds to create music.  Our instructors, using a curriculum specifically crafted to enrich and engage children through our original music, give children a head-start on their learning as they prepare for the next school year!

Summer Camp Entertainment – Summer 2014 Offerings

Enrichment Classes

(Ages 0-5) For our younger toddlers and babies we recommend our exciting Rockness Music enrichment classes. This program is the basis of all Rockness Music “Parent and Me” classes that have attracted families across NY and NJ.

Everything Makes a Sound Seminar

(Ages 3-12) Children create musical pieces using a loop sampler and everyday objects.  First, we choose everyday objects from around the room. We then discuss the make-up, shapes and what sounds it will make. The children then perform the item into a microphone.  The real fun happens when we layer all of the different sounds together to create a song, proving that everything really does make music!

World Instrument and Percussion Seminars

(Ages 3-12) Children explore the anatomy, science, and history of an instrument using intriguing hand-held synthesizers, percussion, and world instruments.  Discovering new drums (djembe, udu, tabla, bongo, cajon) and percussion instruments (vibratone, vibraslap, flexitone) allows us to learn terms like vibration, tone, resonance, tension, and more.

We end the seminar with an exciting drum circle, where every child gets the opportunity to keep the beat and show what they’ve learned. We supply each participant with REMO® shape drums and sticks.

Rockness Music All Ages Show

The ultimate entertainment for preschools and summer camps! We will engage children and staff alike with a show that everyone can be a part of. Children will sing, dance and learn focus as they explore new instruments and engage with our instructor. This exciting, entertaining, and educational music show for kids is an ideal activity for all ages!

Custom Show

Many summer camps have weekly plans and themes throughout July and August. We are open to being flexible in incorporating these plans into our show.  Let’s work together!

More Information

Feel free to contact us at to schedule Rockness Music at your summer camp this summer!  You can also call us at 732-690-2220 – we are always here to help.

We can’t wait rock with you!

Rockness Music

Please Note: The following is the first in a series of blog posts that highlight health, wellness, and nutrition.  While each post is carefully written and researched, please consult your personal physician prior to making any changes regarding your own health and wellness.

We’ve all heard the adage that “you are what you eat.”  But, did you know that there is actually quite a bit of truth to that saying, and that what you put into your gut can boost your overall health!

According to the NYU Medical Center, a healthy digestive system directly correlates to greater health.  In fact, the stomach is considered the “front line defense system” of the human body.

“All foods we eat are in communication with immune receptors in the digestive tract,” says Dr. Lisa Ganjhu, clinical assistant professor of medicine at NYU Medical Center.  “[This] triggers hormones and various cell types that help the body with its immune function.”

But, beyond maintaining a healthy diet, staying active, and steering clear of germs, there is another key factor in one’s overall wellness: probiotics.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that are essential to basic human nutrition.  The more than 500 species of bacteria naturally found in the digestive tract reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, and can prevent sickness.

“When probiotics are abundant in your body, it’s harder for bacteria that cause illness to get a foothold,” says Dr. Oz.  “[They can] also keep you healthy by making bacteriocins, which suppress the growth of harmful bacteria.”

Another benefit of probiotics is helping to maintain proper levels of healthy bacteria when a person is being treated with antibiotics.  This has become standard practice among doctors, as more and more recommend the use of probiotics when writing a prescription for amoxicillin, augmentin, or other antibiotics.

“As soon as you start taking antibiotics, start taking probiotics,” says Dr. Andrew Weil.  “[Take them] twice a day with meals and continue for a few days after you finish your prescribed therapy.”

Mr. Michael

At Rockness Music, we work with children on a daily basis.  As any preschool or elementary school teacher will tell you, it’s nearly impossible to stay clear of germs in a classroom setting.  However, probiotics can certainly help save one from calling out sick.

“After being on a series of antibiotics a few years ago, I became very, very sick,” says Rockness Music founder Michael Napolitano.  “I eventually learned that I wasn’t getting enough ‘good bacteria’ and needed to rebuild my digestive system.”

Mr. Michael has been using probiotics for the past two years, and has noticed a dramatic change – his frequency of sickness has drastically reduced.

“I really believe in the use of probiotics,” he says.  “I’ve continued to take them on a daily basis and have noticed a significant change.”

Probiotics for Children

Probiotics are also proving to be useful for children.  In fact, many experts recommend a daily serving of one-quarter teaspoon of commercially available probiotics for children.  Of course, you should always consult your pediatrician before beginning this course of action.

Pediatricians consider the benefits of probiotics for children to be as great as in adults – they are the “little soldiers” that “strengthen the intestinal lining so that bad bugs can’t cross into the bloodstream.”

“We give probiotics to our children as well,” says Mr. Michael.  “We went all winter without a single illness.  No vomiting.  No strep throat.  Not even an upset stomach.  It’s been a total game changer.”

More Information

We want all of our little friends to be as safe and healthy as possible.  While we do support the use of probiotics, we urge you to speak with a physician prior to using them.

For more information on the safe use of probiotics, as well as scholarly findings on their benefits, please visit the following websites:

Keep Rockin’,
Rockness Music

Rockness Music offers the hippest birthday parties in New Jersey and Brooklyn!  See what makes a Rockness Music party the best experience for your child’s special day!


Rockness Music travels across New Jersey and Brooklyn to bring joy to families and their children.

We perform inside homes, offices, preschools, restaurants, public parks, and banquets – you name it, we’ve rocked it!

As long as we have a safe, clean space to ensure everyone has a great time, we will be able to rock!

What to Expect

Rockness Music ’s high-energy parties are performed live on guitar and djembe drum by one of our expert teachers.  Our 45-minute, imaginative musical adventure will be a wonderful experience for your child, family, and guests.

One of our teachers will perform Rockness Music songs with your children, engaging and entertaining them while allowing them to explore their own musical creativity.  We’ll create drum circles, dance with shakers, and experience new and interesting “mystery discovery” instruments.

What Have Other Parents Said?

We are so proud of the work we do with young children, and always thrilled to hear from happy parents:

“Not only did the children have fun – but the adults did too! Everybody raved about your performance, energy and music. You could have entertained us for hours!”

“You were amazing! The kids had so much fun (and so did I!).  You really made [my children] feel extra special!  I love that it was so entertaining and educational at the same time!”

“OMG! Everything was so amazing. So many compliments on Rockness Music – even the adults got in on the action.”

We’re positive you’re going to love our rockin’ birthday parties!

About Rockness Music

All Rockness Music performers teach classes at our locations across New Jersey and New York throughout the year.  They have all been trained by our founder, Mr. Michael, who spent over a decade working with Blue Man Group and in the Blue School in NYC.

Mr. Michael created Rockness Music in 2008 with a mission – to find new, exciting ways to offer a child a musical education experience.  We would love the opportunity to bring Rockness Music to you for your child’s rockin’ birthday!


A 45-minute, highly interactive and entertaining Rockness Music birthday party starts at $300 ($350 for NYC/Brooklyn).

There is an extra fee ($5) for each additional child over 15 children.  We also require a transportation charge for locations outside of our network of classes.

We accept payment via credit card or check.

Book Your Party

To book your party today, please fill out our quick and easy registration form:  A representative from our offices will contact you shortly upon receiving this completed form.


For more information, contact us at We are here to help and make your child’s birthday a rockin’ good time!

We hope to rock out for your child’s birthday party soon!

Keep Rockin’, Rockness Music

Rockness Music is bringing its unique brand of hip, engaging children’s music classes to several new locations this Spring!

Where are Your New Locations?

Rockness Music will be offering its exciting, engaging, and educational mommy and me music classes at four new locations this Spring.

We will be rockin’ out in Edgewater, Bayonne, Jersey City, and Prospect Heights in Brooklyn!

Where Will You Be Holding Class?

Rockness Music is proud of the partnerships it has made over the years with its ongoing class locations across New Jersey and New York.  We are very happy to announce that we will be holding class at our new locations in:


Professional Arts Academy
250 Old River Road
(Wednesdays at 10am)


All Fit Studios
196 Broadway Ave
(Sundays at 10am)

Jersey City

Next Step Broadway
233 9th Street
(Fridays at 10am)

Prospect Heights

760 Washington Ave
(Thursdays at 10am)

For a full list of new locations (as well as our current classes), check out our location page:


Our Spring Sings semester begins the week of March 31st; however, there is still time to register for our free trial classes at one of our new locations for the rest of the week.

Visit our registration page and join one of our free classes this week to see what everyone’s talking about:

What’s New This Spring?

This Spring we will be ushering in the warm breezes, flowers, and birds as we explore the sounds we can make with our bodies.  Children will imitate the voices of animals and instruments, and create a world of noise with their bodies.

We will be singing your favorite Rockness Music songs, as well as some new tunes!  Each child will be receiving a special echo microphone to sing along with their favorite teacher in class!

How Can I Register?

To register for a Rockness Music class in one of our new locations, please visit our registration page:

We can’t wait to rock with you this Spring!

More Information

For more information, feel free to contact us at We are always here to help!

We look forward to rockin’ with you at our new locations in Edgewater, Bayonne, Jersey City, and Prospect Heights this Spring!

Contact Us Today!