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Hello Rockness Music family!  This week we are talking about classical music and its profound effects on young children.  In our classes, children and toddlers come alive while being exposed to many new types of music.  Whether we are banging on the drums, dancing with our family and friends, or experiencing a new genre of music for the first time, our teachers have the delight of engaging with you and your kids as their eyes and hearts open wide from the new sounds they are hearing.  Now if only we can get them to open their mouths when being introduced to their veggies!

It’s no surprise that classical music has its way with all of us.

From Beethoven to Bach, each composition has a hidden treasure that will peak your child’s interest. From a foreboding piece such as Sonata Number 14 aka Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven that has elements of intrigue and mystery, to the joyous Brandenburg Concerto Number 4 by Bach that can turn a crying baby into a smiling ray of sunshine, classical music has a great effect on the soul and the brainwaves.

Who knows? You might even love it too!  So next time your little one is being fussy, try putting on some Bach and see where the journey takes you.

We’d love to hear from you.

What styles of music does your child respond to at home?  From the latest Bruno Mars jam, “Uptown Funk” to one of the old classics like  “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by The Supremes, let us know some of the hits your family rocks out to.

May we suggest…

Rockness Music’s founder, Michael Napolitano’s music has it all!

You will love it! 

Music Links: Moonlight Sonata Beethoven  Bach Brandenburg concerto number 4

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