A Simple Holiday

November 26, 2014

A Simple Holiday

I do love Thanksgiving.
There are no gifts, there are no blinking lights or lavish decorations. There are no fairytales, no gimmicks, no bells, buzzers and whistles.  Its a time to say –  THANK YOU!

I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with children and families every day. I find great pleasure in watching the children laugh, dance, smile and grow. Through my youth, Thanksgiving represented a wonderful time of family, friends and food, a lot of food.  Sometimes I do forget that the story of Thanksgiving symbolizes peace and unity. In this spirit I’ve written down some rules that I try to abide by regularly. This holiday season I thought it would be nice to share this with our families at Rockness Music .  As I give thanks for my beautiful family, my loving friends, and this beautiful earth I will continue to abide by these three activities this holiday season.

1. Focus on family.

Put away the phone, the computer, and the television. Sometimes I wonder, can I remember what it was like before the digital world had turned our focus away from this physical world?

When I am with my family I will stop checking my email, Facebook, and Instagram. I will take the iPad away from the children and turn the TV off.  What will replace all of these activities?  One will be surprised as to what comes of this!

Years ago, when I was a child we put on performances for the adults. Everyone had to do their “piece”. One child sings, one child dances, and our Uncle tells a story about the first Thanksgiving.  I want to bring it back to simplicity. To remember what it is like to be part of a family and to participate in activities void of digital devices.

2. Drive with kindness.

Driving is something we all do. The daily traffic we experience can be very frustrating. We are all trying to make it on time to our engagements or to get last minute items from the store. Let’s take a little breath in and pause.

This holiday season lets put the phone down, drive, and drive slow.

How do I drive with kindness? I always try to put on my favorite song and take my time.  I often let someone turn in front of me, I allow pedestrians to cross the street, and I allow someone to merge in my lane. I find great happiness when I drive with kindness, not aggression.

3. Give:

Might you have items that you do not use regularly?  Offer these items to a needy family. There is someone who will make good use of these items: Toys, coats, clothes, televisions, mobile phones, hats, shoes, household supplies. There is someone who needs help, and without spending a dime, we can help them. Please do!

Here are a few charities in that will pick up your donation this holiday season.


From all of us at Rockness Music thank you for being part of our program and believing in us. We are so Thankful for having you in our Rockness Music family. Have a safe and happy holiday season and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Love, Michael