Michael Napolitano is the founder, and director of Rockness Music. He performs, composes, produces, and engineers all of the music for Rockness Music and Michael & the Rockness Monsters. As a child, Michael quickly found himself immersed in music, attending rehearsals and gigs with his father (a professional drummer). Michael and his two brothers are exceptional drummers and were perhaps the first Rockness Music students ever!

Michael’s childhood experiences with preschool music have aided in his pursuit of reaching children with the power of music and drama at their own level.

MICHAEL AND BLUE MAN GROUP: After 10 years in the Blue Man Group organization, Michael was hired by Chris Wink (Co-Creator – Blue Man Group) to pioneer a music program at The Blue School in NYC. Michael’s experiences with the Blue Man organization, traveling the world, and collaborating with world renowned artists and educators, has had a major impact on Rockness Music’s props, instruments and recordings.