Sounds of Summer

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Can you believe the last days of July are upon us?  Before we know it, school will be back in session.  We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite sounds of summer, before it all flies by.

Infectious laughter of children playing in the yard



Jumping into the pool on a hot day… SPLASH



Roasting marshmallows on an open fire… CRACKLE



Crickets singing their melodic tune



Thunderstorm on a warm summer night



The ice cream man



Lawn mowers in the distance humming along



Rocking chairs on the front porch






Squeaky swings



Leaves rustling in the breeze



Crashing waves



Squawking gulls


Everything makes music. And, oh, what music they make!

What are your favorite sounds?



See What Our Parents Are Saying

"I have done a ton of other mommy and me music classes here and in the city and this by far blows them all away."

"Since coming to class he loves guitars, he walks around playing and singing. Thank you for the wonderful musical influence!"

"My nanny said the class was AWESOME! She keeps saying its so much more “fun” than all the other toddler music classes we’ve taken."

"Thank you so much! Finally a baby music class that rocks!"