Preschool and Kindergarten

School Assembly Programs That Will Rock, Teach, and Inspire

If you are looking for morning assembly ideas for preschool and Kindergarten students or preschool entertainment, look no further than Rockness Music. Our school shows are designed with preschoolers and Kindergarteners in mind. Everything our “edutainment” experts do – from music to movement to dramatic play – is aimed at teaching even the youngest rock stars how to use their brains and bodies.

Rockness Music School Shows Offer Unforgettable Experiences

Our fun and educational school shows are the perfect options for school assemblies in NJ and school assemblies in NYC. Our musicians are the best preschool entertainers around! Each 45-minute preschool music show is packed with energy and will have all your preschoolers and kindergartners joining in and playing along. We incorporate sing-a-longs, movement, dramatic play, and more – all while teaching little ones the fundamentals of music and movement. Expect little ones to giggle, wiggle, and have an unforgettable time!

School Assembly Ideas For Preschoolers and Kindergartners

We offer school assemblies in NJ and school assemblies in NYC. We’d love to customize a school show that will engage, encourage, and educate your students. Part of what makes Rockness Music so special is that we do far more than just entertain kids with silly songs – we also teach them valuable lessons through music. Check out the following guide of themed school shows for preschoolers and kindergartners.


(1-4 Performers, Age Range 0-8, 20-200+ Children) – 45 Minutes

This show incorporates sing-a-longs, movement, imagination, and dramatic play. All of the songs inspire immediate participation. The children will grow like trees, sing like birds, and dance like robots. Filled with non-stop action and hip-shaking music, kids and adults will love it!


(1-4 Performers, Age Range 3-8, 20-200+ Children) – 45 Minutes

In this show, we create a sense of community filled with compassion and understanding of one another. We will address the fundamentals of conflict resolution with fun and simple exercises within the songs we’ll sing. We will paint imaginary hearts and launch them into the sky. The children will collaborate to create a sense of unity while dancing, laughing, and singing throughout the experience.


(1-4 Performers, Age Range 3-8, 20-200+ Children) – 45 Minutes

We use a variety of songs and movement activities to promote healthy eating and exercise. We compare what nutrients plants need to grow to what we need to consume to be healthy and happy. In this themed show, we also offer a moment of basic yoga stretching and explain the importance of physical activity in daily life.


(1-4 Performers, Age Range 0-8, 20-200+ Children) – 45 Minutes

From our Hello song to our Goodbye song, we’ll sing and talk about animals on the farm, the range, the desert, and beyond! Watch with joy as kids pretend to be animals and sing, learn, and have a blast! Our Animal Show is a huge hit with farm, zoo, and animal themed camp weeks!


(1-4 Performers, Age Range 3-8, 20-200+ Children) – 45 Minutes

Take a deep dive into the ocean with our zany and interactive Aquatic Show! We’ll sing some of our most popular aquatic-themed songs, such as Octopus and Fisherman. Kids love exploring the ocean and learning about different sea creatures by way of musical discovery.


(1-4 Performers, Age Range 3-8, 20-200+ Children) – 45 Minutes

In need of some kid-friendly seasonal entertainment? Our musicians can plan a festive and celebratory holiday show just for the occasion. We play all-inclusive holiday tunes like Frosty the Snowman and other popular holiday carols. We also can create a setlist and perform shows for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more!

NJ and NYC Preschools, Let’s Make Some Music!

Rockness Music’s school assembly programs are just one of the ways we can rock your classroom. In addition to our preschool and kindergarten school shows, we also offer a large group rock show performed by Michael and the Rockness Monsters. Plus, Rockness Music offers a variety of music classes for preschoolers.

Want to learn more about our school assembly programs? Get in touch.