Toddler Music Classes Maplewood NJ

Burgdorff Cultural Center

Kids’ music classes in Maplewood, NJ!

Toddler music classes in Maplewood NJ. Rockness Music classes are held every Tuesday at The Burgdorff Center for Performing Arts  in beautiful Maplewood NJ for 45 minutes. *Schedule subject to change.

Our baby and toddler music classes are an original experience!

Turn any normal morning into a fun collaborative concert with energy and community in our toddler music classes in Maplewood NJ. Everyone is welcome to our inclusive, confidence building music class!

Parents and their kids

Kids at music class! Dancing and singing!

The toddler and babies drum along as we play some well known songs as well as songs from Michael & the Rockness Monsters.Register For a Kids Music Class

Our classes are both entertaining and educational with new and fun activities every week for the kids! We meet each week for 10 weeks. In class the kids are part of the action. For instance, when we clean up, the children feed our ‘hungry bag’ which is an adorable custom made bag. At the end of class each child receives custom Rockness stickers. It’s such a hit! We hope you will join us soon. See more info on our classes page.




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Michael Napolitano

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Tuesday: 10AM


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