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Kids’ music classes near Westfield NJ!

Toddler Music Classes near Westfield, NJ by Rockness Music are being held at Theatrical Artist Prep, Park Ave. Scotch Plains, NJ.

Music class for kids

Our award winning music classes are super engaging Parent and Me classes in New Jersey!  We pack our toddler music classes near Westfield NJ with fun preschool kids music coupled with age appropriate activities for your baby or toddler! For more information check out our classes page.Register For a Class

The original rock music class for kids.

45 minutes is the perfect length for Music classes for toddlers. Additionally the room sings with preschool music while the children dance and do the baby bop with shakers, and drums. Next we use new instruments weekly to keep the learning exciting and we laugh, sing, and act along to some classic kids songs and Michael & the Rockness Monsters music!

Westfield NJ is a great town. There are so many shops, its very similar to an outdoor mall. If we had to choose our two favorite spots. For a great lunch, we would recommend Italian food from Ferraro’s – they are nice folks and the food is consistently good! If you are looking for a great place to shop we recommend the Farmhouse Store. They stock the shelves and cabinets with eccentric and hand selected local, regional and worldly gifts.

Whatever you choose to do – come to our music classes first and allow us to raise your spirits and put a smile on your face.


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Thursday: 10:00 AM

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