Rockness Music Offers First Birthday Parties In New Jersey!

Where In New Jersey Can I Hire Rockness Music?

We offer 1st birthday party celebrations anywhere in New Jersey.

We travel all over the Garden State to bring joy to families and children.

We perform inside homes, offices, preschools, restaurants, and banquet halls. You name it we’ve performed in it.

Performing in outdoor venues like parks and backyards works great too! We will perform anywhere we can assure that your children are safe and the instruments will remain clean and sanitary.

How Can I Register My Party?

Registering for a party is easy just go to our website.

All party submissions are answered promptly.

How Many Kids Per Party?

Our parties are for 15 children / $5 for every additional child over 15.

How Much Space Do We Need For The Party?

We are very flexible with the amount of space required. The children will need room to dance as well as room enough to sit in our “circle time” setting.

As long as there is a safe, clean space for the number of children invited, we can perform in any space at any location.

What Equipment Will We Bring?

The instructor brings a guitar and Djembe drum which they perform the entire set LIVE on.

For the children we bring shakers, dancing props, and individual drums and sticks.

What To Expect The Day Of My Child’s Birthday Party?

When hiring Rockness Music take care of all the entertainment. Parents do not need to worry about anything. We keep the children engaged for the full 45 minutes.

The performer shows up 30 minutes early. Setup takes about 15 minutes and is minimal, self contained, and not disruptive to the family or party attendees.

There is no amplification, so the singing and guitar playing is of an acoustic volume. We have never had a complaint in any building, apartment, restaurant or any other location.

How About The Instructors My Kids Will Be Learning From?

Rockness Music instructors are experts at working with your children.

Our instructors teach in preschools and daycares as full time music teachers. They interact with every age range from babies, toddlers and kindergartners through 12 year olds on a daily basis.

How We Keep Your Children Engaged

Our high energy and enthusiastic delivery gets children excited about the music and what’s coming next!

All Rockness Music songs are written with children in mind. The songs are directly influenced by moments spent with children in class settings, preschools, enrichment classes, and with our own children right here at home. Our songs entice immediate action and participation from your children. They draw your children in, and engage them to perform with the instructor.

We target our songs toward recognition and response. Children don’t need to know the music, the music tells them what to do. It’s upbeat, thoughtful, intelligent and most of all rockin!

Will My 1 Year Old Really Enjoy It?

Our teachers provide individual attention to each child, even in a larger group setting.

We care and kids can tell!

Why Do Babies Love Our Shows?

Babies love the music, the action, and watching cousins and friends interact! See what parents are saying. Our First Birthday Parties in New Jersey ROCK!!!!

Should Parents Participate Too?

In any performance, the performers are the stars. They feed heavily off the energy level of their audience. This works the same in all Rockness Music performances. We encourage adults to participate because the more you’re engaged, the more your children will be also. The more participants, the better the show!

Rockness Music encourages family participation, which is our entire goal, to enable families to have fun making music together.

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children of all ages (even the older kids) will have a blast at any first birthday parties in New Jersey or New York with Rockness Music!