Spring Sings Mommy and Me Music Classes

February 18, 2014

Spring Sings!

Though the weather outside may still be frightful, it’s already time to start thinking of the warmer months and Rockness Music’s ten-week Spring Sings Mommy and Me Music Classes!

Rockness Music gives parents the advantage of sharing in their child’s learning explorations, embracing the child in all of us.  Spring Sings invites you to usher in warm breezes, flowers, and birds as we explore the noises we can make with our bodies.

Spring Sings offers children the opportunity to continue to grow, explore, discover, and learn more and more each day as they inch closer and closer to preschool and kindergarten.

Let’s create a world of sound with our bodies and welcome in the warmer months with Spring Sings!

Why Rockness Music

Rockness Music isn’t just a class, it’s an energetic, educational experience where everyone is performing together.  The more members of the class that are participating, the better!
The idea is for children to create a world of sound using whatever is around them, including their bodies.  You don’t necessarily need a guitar or a drum to make music – everything makes a sound!

Rockness Music’s high energy Spring Sings Mommy and Me Music classes are filled with drumming, shaking, dancing, instrument discovery and, above all else, smiles and laughter.  Together, we’ll form drum circles and learn how to create a beat, act out the sounds a jungle animal makes, and sing along to our favorite songs.

All children will receive a copy of Rockness Music’s Parents’ Choice Award-winning record, “Everything Makes a Sound,” as well as his or her own play microphone!

Sing in the Spring!

Our Spring Sings Mommy and Me Music classes begin the week of March 31st, and continue through June 16th.  We will be taking a Spring Recess the week of April 14th.
For a full list of locations and dates, please visit our registration page: https://rocknessmusic.com/classes/.

Let’s sing the Pirate Song!  Let’s shout the Doctor Song!  Let’s rock out to…

Spring Sings Mommy and Me Music Classes!

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