Music Classes For Toddlers

Toddlers love to move. They love to dance, sing, and explore. Whether learning to walk, or learning to get into every crevice of your house, we have the ability to gauge your child’s needs and keep them engaged and active for 45 minutes of music, learning and movement.

Music classes for toddlers are a productive way for the children to express themselves and experience the world around them. The socialization and lessons experienced in our toddler music classes serve as a precursor to preschool for these young learners. Aside from the educational and physical benefits of our rock music classes for toddlers they are learning important social lessons like sharing, cleaning up, and communicating with other children and parents.  Our toddler music classes create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. The dramatic play in our classes is a perfect venue for non-verbal communication. Adversely, the songs we sing inspire group singing which in turn aids their verbal exploration.