Music Classes For Preschoolers

Preschool is a time of various areas of major growth. Children begin assuming personalities and realizing the cause and effects of everyday life.  Preschool aged children are filled with curiosity and energy. That’s where we come it. Our engaging classes and upbeat music grasp their attention satisfying their need for stimulation and intriguing experiences.  The songs and activities in Preschool of Rock classes offer opportunities for dramatic play, and movement which are essential to their blossoming minds.

Although still developing 3’s & 4’s are very aware of their surroundings and capable of absorbing a good amount of information.  In our mixed age music classes they are able to participate with the teacher, and give answers to various questions. The children develop strong confidence and ownership of a relationship with music.  


Rockness Music offers engaging classes and upbeat music.

At Rockness Music, we believe preschoolers should always have a rockin’ good time while they are learning. Preschool is a time of enormous growth and development – and preschoolers learn best when they are engaged. This is why our interactive preschool music classes offer preschoolers an opportunity to explore and discover all within a nurturing environment. Our fun classes include drum circles, movement, dancing, dramatic play, scientific discovery, and more!

Developed by parents for parents.

Rockness Music was developed by parents for parents. In addition to our research-based curriculum, we have experience as parents. We understand what kids need because we have kids of our own. We bring all the things we have learned as parents into the classroom. We also know what parents want from a music class. You are choosing to spend your time with us, and we understand the importance of making your time with us special and worthwhile.


Students are stimulated and fully engaged.

Preschoolers are energetic and lively, so our preschool music classes are designed to get them up and moving. As soon we begin to play our music, preschoolers cannot help but move! Plus, preschoolers will feel safe exploring their curiosities and acting playful in a safe environment. As our classes encourage preschoolers to move and groove, you will get to see their unique personalities starting to form.

Our preschool music classes cover more than music.

Yes, your preschooler will learn to rock at Rockness Music. But, your child will also learn far more than music basics. For instance, Rockness Music does preschool music programs across NY and NJ, and we have made music with over 500,000 children. Our preschool music classes are designed to support a child’s development.

Here are some examples of how we cover more than music basics:

  • STEM – In Rockness Music’s music classes for preschoolers, instructors sharpen kids’ math and analytical skills during our syncopated drum circles, Mystery Discovery scientific explorations, and cultural discussions. The curriculum aims to meet STEM academic goals such as cognitive thinking, analytical skills, abstract thought, and intellectual discovery.
  • Language and Literacy – Rockness Music understands the significance of music’s role in language development and early literacy, which is why our curriculum targets these areas. Each class includes musical discovery, imagination, pretend play and creative expression. Music reinforces memorization through repetitive singing and patterns, which also helps children build their vocabulary. Plus, our preschool music classes help kids learn to identify and manipulate new sounds.
  • Music and Movement – Studies show preschoolers learn best through play, so we encourage playful movement in our preschool music classes! Everything we do is designed with these early childhood standards in mind. For example, when students hold a drumstick, we are helping them develop fine motor skills. When students get up and move, they are developing gross motor skills. When preschoolers participate in dramatic play, they are learning creative expression.

Why parents love our mixed-age preschool music classes.

Parents love that Rockness Music offers mixed-age music classes for preschoolers in NJ and NY. In mixed-aged classes, children learn essential social skills such as communication, cooperation, and self-control. Babies watch the big kids, and the big kids teach the little ones and each other. Even better – mixed-age preschool music classes make it easier for the whole family to rock out together!

Preschoolers rock (and so do we)!

Rockness Music loves celebrating and rocking out with preschoolers because preschoolers are fun! Our award-winning 45-minute preschool music classes are the perfect opportunities for little ones to learn about the world around them. It’s a roof-raising experience you will look forward to each week!

Contact us for more information about the best preschool music classes in NJ and NY or come rock in person at one of our demo classes!