Everyone is in the Birthday Band!

Looking for a clever Kindergartner Party Idea? Are you looking for a birthday party entertainer that can mix things up, keep the children engaged and offer wonderful activities! We have your answer.  – Kindergartners love Preschool of Rock! We work with Kindergartners every day in our partner schools. We use more complex activities during the birthday party.

Five year olds are able to perform on our instruments and imitate our syncopated drum patterns. Of course they will be rocking out, dancing and having a blast with our Rock-n-Roll instructor.  The humor and energy we exude will keep the kindergartners at this birthday party fully engaged for the entire 45 minutes of fun. This year, hire the best birthday party entertainment for your five year old!


Whether your party is going to be at home, at a hall or restaurant – we will aid in making your planning seamless.  Insurance may be required as well as a sound system – we can provide everything you need to make your event a complete stress free success!

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Four Year Old Birthday Party $300